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  • I'm really enjoying Doom Patrol. There are few sexier actors than Timothy Dalton. I want him to read me stories.


    • He does have a great voice, I don't listen to audiobooks but if he's done any I would definitely consider trying them.

      Malcolm McDowell would probably be my other choice, he's white Morgan Freeman where narration is concerned imo.
      Extra bonus points for imagining John Henry Eden from Fallout 3 reading to me. Bliss.

      It's super weird having only seen the actress that plays Rita in Doom Patrol play Kandi, a total bimbo, in Two and a Half Men. Great character and apparently pretty great actress.


      • When I saw her in Titans I knew I recognized her from another show or movie but only after watching a few episodes of Doom Patrol I remembered it was Two and a Half Men, of all things. She's fantastic in DP.

        Anyway, I saw John Wick 3. Those movies are getting incrementally better as they keep suggesting a larger mythology, all as an excuse to amp up the stakes and make way for better and more varied action set pieces, as they should. This third one is basically a synthesis of American action cinema. Really good.


        • So:

          It's...better looking than Genisys...I guess?

          I thought that chick...dude...whatever was meant to be John Connor, I was wondering why they picked such a feminine looking actor to play what should surely be a fairly grizzled character.
          I'm sure John will be relevant...or at least he should be but super odd selection of characters.

          What continuity is this even in? I'm so lost with this universe but at least Sarah Connor is back. Couldn't care less about Arnie, they really need to move on from that old model saving the day all the time.

          Going to see John Wick 3 at the weekend hopefully.

          It's so fucking nice having a movie that everyone isn't utterly desperate to spoil all over the internet.


          • ...Another one? Really?

            Bah, just let Terminator rest, please...


            • First "Endgame", now "Dark Fate"... studios are going all out with the uninspired, generic blockbuster titles.

              I think I want to see Brightburn. It looks absoutely awful, but I'm kinda curious to see just how bad it is. A "dark twist" on Superman, something that has been done aproximately a billion times before in comics, with almost universally negative results, now in live-action and complete with gore and bad jumpscares. I don't want to waste my money on this obvious hack job but I'd be lying if I said I'm not curious.


              • I am so confused by what that Terminator character is meant to be there, sounds like a woman, looks like a feminine dude, fights like a ninja and is some weird Terminator hybrid?
                Don't be moving on to other potentially interesting things when you can't even make the baseline of the series interesting.

                Really wish they'd just do more future stuff with the series, I know Salvation wasn't that successful but a sequel to it would at least feel like something different and has more room to be creative.
                It doesn't always have to be about time travel.

                Yeah I'm curious about Brightburn but only enough to download it when available, boss said it's been getting 7's, so I guess it's not a complete failure.
                I mean, I'm down for more movies about bad guys like that...so long as they're better than Suicide Squad which...well I guess that's not a high bar is it or at least it shouldn't be.


                • I saw the thumbnail of the upcoming Terminator movie and it has Arnie with one of those generic old dad beards that are so popular these days...

                  I blame Joel from The Last of Us for starting this trend, and then the movie Logan for continuing it. Kratos too, of course.


                  • Yeah I'm guessing they'll go for that at some point, sad death of the cool old man character.
                    But like...he's a robot with no actual emotions or anything.
                    Y'all ain't beating T2, stop it.

                    The action looks okay at least. I guess.


                    • The Doom Patrol season finale was okay. One of the weakest episodes of the season but still enjoyable, which only speaks to how good the show has been. Overall, a fantastic season of television. Eagerly waiting for season 2 here.


                      • Odd it would have a weaker finale since Titans did as well, guess they're banking on these having multiple seasons.

                        So far so good anyway, just hope they don't do them all to death with 40 seasons, there are so many characters and ideas out there it'd be real nice if they'd adapt more obscure ones rather than just keep doing the same. I'm sure Doom Patrol reinforces that idea.

                        Swamp Thing is out on the 31st so hopefully that's good.
                        I have high hopes since this stuff has plenty gore in it so horror elements obviously should work fine.

                        The Boys looks pretty fun too though it's not a DC Universe series.

                        Also wtf, there's a series about the early life of Alfred? That's damn cool. I know pretty much nothing about him beyond his butler days.


                        • Yeah, I think three seasons or so would be ideal for a show like Doom Patrol.

                          Fingers crossed for Swamp Thing.

                          I kinda hate The Boys (the comic), so I hope the show doesn't stick too close to the source.

                          There's also the HBO Watchmen... initially, I just assumed it would be horrible but what we've seen from it so far actually looks interesting. Damon Lindelof has never disappointed as a showrunner.


                          • Jeremy Irons as an older Ozymandias gives me an odd boner. But a welcome one.


                            • Jeremy Irons doesn't have to play Ozymandias to do that.


                              • Yeah, basically perfect casting. People will be debating the ethics of Jeremy Irons dropping a giant squid in Manhattan for years to come.