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  • Neither Croc nor Shark go from human to big croc/shark monster. They were born the way they are.

    Well, Croc has mutated thanks to special chemicals or drugs in the past but that's different.


    With Shark it could make sense if not comic book accurate. He's the son of a human woman and the god of sharks Chondrakha (Kamo in the New 52, though he's not a true god), and though he was born a man-shark I'm not against the idea of him being able to switch between human and shark man modes.

    Kind of like that one russian dude from Harry Potter. From the Goblet of Fire, I think?

    Or I guess you mean so Croc looks less like this:

    Pictured: Croc in the good ol' Gerry Conway days.

    And more like this:

    Pictured: The humoungous 11 ft tall Croc of Arkham Asylum. Yes, ELEVEN feet tall. He could stare directly into the face of an adult african bush elephant.

    I don't mind either way, I thought Croc was the best looking of all the DCEU Suicide Squad members thanks to the Oscar-worthy make up, but given how they specifically chose to take inspiration from Croc's earliest appearances, at least in terms of design, I would've preferred them to use his personality before he was changed to the more well-known cannibalistic and feral Croc we saw in the movie.

    OG Killer Croc was a boss.



    • Ya I know he can't Hulk out exactly but to match him with King Shark, if he's big as well it'd make sense for movie purposes.

      I would rather that than a comically small looking King Shark.

      Not enough cool battles between big monsters in recent years, Godzilla, Rampage and Pacific Rim is about it. I would like to see the spectacle of it.
      There's too many "Big army vs nuvver big army" fights going on or big army vs small group of people.
      I think Aquaman done it best, the battle was pretty easy to follow and the armies nicely colour coded and shaped.

      It's still kinda dull overall, two entities just wrecking stuff is cooler if you ask me. The sheer power of two God like beings hitting it off is better than a bunch of faceless units wiping each other out.

      God I have such a huge backlog of movies that I just never find the motivation to watch.
      Still haven't even watched the last Jason Bourne movie, or Halloween, or War for the Planet of the Apes and the Giant Peach of the Sun of Doom, Gotham by Gaslight and Batman Ninja as well.


      • I doubt they'll make King Shark small. With Croc it made sense, he is still a human being at the core of all things. King Shark's a monster and a demigod that, before Rebirth, was in a much higher tier than Killer Croc, being one of Superboy's archenemies and a foe of Aquaman on a few occasions.

        They didn't make that mistake in Assault of Arkham, though in that movie King Shark was some sort of mutant.



        • They might not want to make it too much like King Shark from CW's Flash (assuming they even care), but since the character's entire appeal is that he's a cool shark monster, expect a big CGI shark anyway.

          I'm keeping my expectations pretty low for this Suicide Squad. The hiring of James Gunn means they're most likely aiming for a "self-aware" comedy, to say nothing of the choice of characters (Polka-Dot Man, a goofy silver age villain, King Shark, who's exactly what his name implies). It'll be Warner's own Guardians or Thor Ragnarok. Comedy's great, of course, but comic book movies these days have a certain brand of it that I'm not a fan of.

          (Having directors in today's comic book movies is usually a purely symbolic gesture, of course [with some exceptions]. They're there to do wathever their corporate bosses tell them and put those films together as efficiently as possible, leaving basically no creative stamp, even when it looks like they do. But hiring the guy who's most known for the zany Guardians of the Galaxy movies makes it obvious what tone they are going for, I think.)


          • wait what

            I completely missed Polka-Dot Man in there. Why the hell is he here, the only time he's been in the Suicide Squad in any reality he was immediately killed off due to how useless he was!



            • The actor (David Dastmalchian) came forth a while back confirming he'll be playing Polka-Dot Man in the movie. There'll also be a gender-flipped Ratcatcher (another minor Batman villain), who I'm pretty sure has never been associated with the Suicide Squad in the comics, although I could be wrong.


              • I do not remember Ratcatcher ever being part of it, no. Or any team for that matter. Why the hell is he in Taskforce X, his specialty offers no contribution to Waller. To the world's governments, sure, because he can control rats which have been a plague for a long time, but he'd never allow them to get killed which is what any government would do with a serious plague like them. I bet he'll just be there to die, either him or Polka-Dot Man. And he's genderbent now, wut? That's so pointless...

                Stop adding Batman villains to everything, DC. He's not the only one with a good rogues gallery, dammit.



                • We don't even know if this Ratcatcher will be a member of the Suicide Squad. Or even King Shark or Polka-Dot Man, for that matter. Just that they'll be in the movie.

                  On another note... I'm already missing Doom Patrol and the season's not even over yet. They've worked magic this year. Despite borrowing heavily from Morrison's run on the comic, the show doesn't feel like it's treading old ground. All the elements they take from Morrison's metafiction are repurposed to adorn deceptively straightforward character-centric stories. And that's what the show is: (good) character drama in the periphery of oddities and strange superheroes. Who thought they'd manage to not only create one of the best versionf of Cyborg in any media, but make him feel like an essential part of the ensemble despite having no prior connection to the Doom Patrol? Or that we'd see Flex Mentallo, of all characters, being an integral part of a season of TV? Or Alan Tudyk killing it as Mr. Nobody? This show's one of the best comic book adaptations in recent memory.
                  Last edited by Topographic Oceans; 12-05-2019, 05:26 AM.


                  • Good to hear. Can't remember the last time the Doom Patrol got that much love in adaptations outside of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.



                    • As for Ratcatcher being useless to Waller, they did have that guy who "Could climb anything" so I think the bar is pretty low lol.

                      Hopefully it's not going to end with another world ending sky beam, I just want X amount of "heroes" vs X amount of villains. Weird powers and specialities facing off against each other is a great concept that's not been explored much in live action.

                      Just watched Halloween 2018 and...I kinda didn't even enjoy it.
                      It was cool to see an older more badass Laurie and her daughter who has that one cool bit at the end but other than that it just felt like more of the same.
                      Think there's going to be a sequel so hopefully they tread some new ground.

                      I think the biggest problem with it for me was the lack of tension, it doesn't really build up to the ending Michael is constantly killing people and most of the people he kills feel very much a case of "Well...Michael HAS to kill some people right!?"

                      Plus them all being completely stupid as usual, it's not that satisfying to see Myers kill people when someone with an IQ of 50 could probably wipe out half of Haddonfield before anyone noticed.
                      Michael Myers is on the loose after 20 years or whatever? Heh no biggie, lets be chill about it and not mobilize every officer with as much firepower as they can get, just in case.

                      I am interested in a sequel though, since what can they do next? If Michael doesn't die at the end which he most likely didn't then Laurie doesn't have all that prep to take him on.


                      • Not sure if that last one's getting a sequel



                        • Apparently, it's been confirmed that Robert Pattinson will be the next Batman. I... don't mind this at all, actually. He was great in Good Time and, while I wasn't a fan of High Life, he was good in that as well. Point is: he's not a bad actor. People need to forget about Twilight because, in retrospect, the intense backlash from grown-ass men against a dumb but ultimately harmless fantasy series for twelve year old girls was highly embarassing.


                          • Robert Pattinson?

                            Name sounds familiar...

                            looks him up

                            Oh. Him.

                            Resultado de imagen de Robert Pattinson

                            I can see his potential if he plays a young Bruce Wayne, at least.



                            • He's 33. Hardly young. But yeah he's a good fit. Maybe needs to bulk up a bit. The only film I've seen him in is one where Pierce Brosnan plays his dad. He was good in that.


                              • Hmm, he's a bit too much of a pretty boy and not much of a grizzled hard ass but make up can do wonders I guess.

                                I'd picture him being in a 50 Shades remake before I'd opt to have him as Batman, though. Maybe it'd turn out well but don't feel he suits it at present.
                                Still hoping they do a Batman of the Future sort of thing instead of just saying "Yeah this totally different guy is still Bruce Wayne tho"
                                The way in which Terry can be somewhat of a jackass(at least in the cartoon) fits more with the vibe they're going for with this universe.

                                Unless they just want to make Batman the stoic emotionless one, which is obviously more Batman.

                                Overall I'm just not sure how they're going to get away with recasting two of the biggest characters right in the middle of building up the universe.