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This is a sticky topic.
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  • General Discussions - Movies & TV

    I'm getting the old thread back, so let us talk about current or upcoming movies and TV shows, eh?

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    Pinned it.

    I am unbelievably hyped for Avengers: Endgame in April. I am pretty sure I know who's gonna ultimately kick the bucket, but it's gonna be exciting to see how they fix things.


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      "This is a sticky topic."

      Sam must've had something to do with that message lol

      Best thing about this trailer was this music


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        Never mind that bollocks, Line of Duty just finished shooting series 5. I might try to catch up a bit after I complete Ys III tomorrow.


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          I should try watching Venom already, since it has already been released in DVD


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            Just saw Aquaman last night and...holy shit? It was actually decent, for a superhero film.
            It was predictable in all the predictable ways but subverted some expectations and shit, the CGI was actually pretty on point.
            How can the God damn Justice League and Batman vs Superman look terrible at times but freaking Aquaman looks awesome? It wasn't perfect CGI of course but I feel like they showcased species of underwater folk like as good as they feasibly could.

            Willem Dafoe riding a damn Hammerhead Shark, 'nuff said.

            Spoiler Alert!
            I was very pleasantly surprised by this movie, it's still your standard hero affair but in terms of spectacle it was pretty awesome.

            A HERO WITH BOTH PARENTS ALIVE, did not expect that. Both of them had a ton of death flags, the mother especially.
            When they were in the Earth's core I was just waiting for it to be like "Ohhh only two people can make it back through the portal...goodbye son!"
            Or that Orm would stab her in the end.
            Maybe that the dad would randomly show up on a boat to help out and get rekt giving the hero anger motivation. The usual stuff.

            Overall, a solid 7/10 for me, it didn't break any mould for sure but it was a fun movie and...made me think of Tron a whole lot which was weird.

            That last battle at the end was pretty insane, did not think they'd have the budget for that.
            I was expecting to see like two seconds of it every now and then, then Aquaman would show up all gold like and challenge Orm and everyone would stop to watch.

            Orm was a bit meh, I like the actor playing him though I think he portrayed him as good as the character could be done, it's hard to take a property like Aquaman and have it not be cheesy at times.

            But Black Manta, other than having unexplained technological skills(I guess we assume pirates like him salvage stuff?) was pretty cool, it was nice that his motivation for killing Aquaman was reasonable. That was a pretty dick move at the start.
            And it's not like he just turned full psychopath all of a sudden like many villains, he was already a bad guy.

            Hopefully this, Wonder Woman 2 and Shazam! can put DC back on track. The visuals are so much better than the MCU as far as I'm concerned even the battles in general visually were so much more interesting, through colour and design you could tell which side each person was on and it wasn't just some faceless army vs the heroes like every single Avengers movie boils down to, it felt like an actual conflict between different nations which was neat.

            Now, how can they fuck up doing Superman again? I'm still made Cavill left the role, I do hope it was mostly a personal decision and not Warner Bros assuming it must be his fault nobody liked BvS or Justice League.
            Shit, just get James Wan to do more of these movies.


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              Dafoe played Ocean-Master? Interesting choice lol

              Or I imagine it was someone else. It wouldn't make sense for Ocean-Master to be Dafoe considering how old he'd look next to his little brother.


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                Originally posted by Darker View Post
                Dafoe played Ocean-Master? Interesting choice lol

                Or I imagine it was someone else. It wouldn't make sense for Ocean-Master to be Dafoe considering how old he'd look next to his little brother.
                Nah he's Vulko Patrick Wilson plays Ocean Master. He did pretty good, not winning any Oscars but good.

                It's obvious why people draw lines between Aquaman and Ragnarok but I found Aquaman a lot more fun since it actually had some stakes.
                Hopefully it doesn't get retroactively ruined by the next DC movie killing all the Atlantians or something.

                Speaking of DC I'm downloading Titans, I hear it's...actually pretty good?

                Weird to me, all I remember is everyone saying it looks shit from the trailer and then the first episode leaked or something and then...that was it.
                Didn't even know it was out.
                It's super puzzling, was expecting to see tons of people harping on about how terrible it is for weeks but complete silence from my usual channels, nobody praising it, nobody shitting on it.
                Most odd.

                The costumes still look terrible but it's apparently better than the CW stuff and has better combat.
                And Deathstroke may be in season 2 so that will be awesome, hopefully.


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                  I think Dafoe was nominated for an oscar last year? I'm pretty sure, but he didn't win.


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                    He was? Didn't hear of that.

                    I know he is pretty popular but still I feel like he doesn't get the fame he deserves. He's like a less insane Nic Cage with less crazy and more talent in it's place.


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                      Nobody is more talented than Nicolas Cage. I will hear no other crazy theory.


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                        I do agree that Dafoe is pretty underrated as far as actors go.

                        I will always remember him for nailing the Green Goblin better than most. Alfred Molina was even better as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2 but Dafoe's GG was a special kind of threat for Spidey, and not just because Gobby is Spidey's archenemy.


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                          He's had some pretty memorable roles, such as in Platoon and Last Temptation of Christ, but the most memorable, even for me, is as Green Goblin/Norman Osborn in Raimi's Spider-Man.


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                            He is just legendary all 'round.


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                              Any other really good actors you guys feel are pretty underrated?