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Rate the last TV Show/Movie you watched out of 10

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  • Rate the last TV Show/Movie you watched out of 10

    Since this is a fresh topic, I'm going to do everything I can think of that I've watched in the last few months.

    Avengers: Endgame- 7.5/10
    Spider-Man: Far From Home- 9/10
    The Lost City of Z- 5/10
    How to Train a Dragon- 7.5/10
    Congo- 7.5/10
    The Karate Kid 1984 (Rewatch)- 9/10
    Fight Club- 4.5/10
    Taxi Driver- 4/10
    Pulp Fiction- 7/10
    Inglorious Basterds- 7.5/10

    TV Series
    Game of Thrones Season 8- 7/10
    Cobra Kai Season 3- 8.5/10
    Parks and Recreation- 8/10
    Stranger Things Seasons 2 and 3- 8.5/10
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    The Running Man- 6/10
    Johnny English 3- 4/10
    Spider-Man: Far From Home- 7/10
    Overlord- 6/10
    The Raid- 9/10
    Dragon Ball Super: Broly- 7/10
    Toy Story 4- 6/10
    Captain Marvel- 6/10
    Avengers: Endgame- 7/10
    Shazam- 8/10

    TV Series
    Attack on Titan- 8/10
    The Boys- 9/10
    Gotham latest season- 5/10
    Stranger Things season 3- 6/10
    One Punch Man season 3- 8/10
    The Thin Blue Line Series 1- 5/10
    Doom Patrol- 8/10
    Supergirl latest season- 4/10
    Arrow latest season- 4/10
    Flash latest season- 4/10
    Legands of Tomorrow latest season- 5/10
    Game of Thrones season 8- 8/10
    Line of Duty Series 5- 8/10
    The Bodyguard- 7/10
    Titans- 6/10
    Goblin Slayer- 8/10
    Boku No Hero Academia season 3- 8/10

    Probably forgot a few things but I believe that's most of the things I watched all the way through.


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      Yeah you forgot that there is no season 3 of OPM yet lol

      I rewatched Beast Wars' Code of a Hero a few hours ago. That episode will always be a 10/10.


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        I watched Into the Spiderverse yesterday and I was a bit disappointed by the story. It looked great and it was acted great but the overall plot seemed a bit weak to me. Hopefully in the sequel we get Morlun and his family. Damn those dudes are badass.

        Into the Spiderverse- 7/10.


        • #5
          V for Vendetta- 7/10
          Snowpiercer- 6.5/10


          • #6
            the ritual 6/10


            • #7
              Godzilla: King of the Monsters - 7/10

              Pretty good movie, especially the cinematography was excellent.


              • #8
                Rocky (Rewatch)- 9.5/10
                Rocky II (Rewatch)- 8.5/10
                Rocky III (Rewatch)- 8.5/10
                Rocky IV (Rewatch)- 8.5/10
                Rocky V (Rewatch)- 7/10
                Panic Room- 7.5/10
                The Mule- 7/10
                Pokémon Detective Pikachu- 7.8/10
                Creed- 8.5/10


                • #9
                  The Boys - 9/10

                  Pretty much my only complaint would be that there wasn't a whole lot of action for a superhero series but then it's not really about hero stuff exactly so whatever. Fantastic show anyway can't wait for season 2.


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                    Bad Times at the El Royale - 8/10

                    Probably being nicer than most people with this movie, although I think the general consensus is a solid 7/10 for this movie.
                    I loved the acting, as you have actors like Jeff Bridges, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson and Chris Hemsworth making it a very Tarantino-esque experience. The cinematography was excellent aswell, though I will say the pacing was a bit off.


                    • #11
                      10/10 for Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal.

                      I don't think I've ever rated any of his works below a 10, they're all perfect (or at least damn near) in my book.

                      Granted, I've only seen the first three episodes, so things could change.


                      • #12
                        Sing - 7/10

                        A wonderful animated musical. Great voice work by all involved.

                        The Lion King - 6/10

                        Falls a bit short for me, though the CGI is damn near perfect; Almost like watching a NG documentary. Loved the chemistry between Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen (Timon and Puumba) and Chiwetel Ejiofor was a great Scar, building on his manipulative nature. Otherwise it doesn't really add much.

                        Aladdin - 7/10

                        Pretty much the same as The Lion King, but I think the acting was a bit better. Will Smith can't properly replace Robin Williams (and that was never his intention either), but his particular acting style fits the movie very well; he's a very good Genie. Aladdin and Jasmine was well-cast and Marwan Kenzari added something new, though maybe not anything better, to Jafar as a character. Brilliant CGI where it's needed.


                        • #13
                          Sons of anarchy. 8/10

                          El camino 6/10


                          • #14
                            Joker- 9/10
                            El Camino- 8.5/10 (Pretty good if I look at them like episodes, because that's just what it felt like. Didn't feel as right as a movie).


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                              I've seen a fair few things aside from the things I've posted:

                              The Boys - 8/10

                              Living With Yourself - 7/10

                              The Foreigner - 7/10

                              Johnny English Strikes Again - 4/10

                              Appaloosa - 7/10

                              Van Helsing (movie) - 5/10

                              El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - 8/10