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    Well, now that the series has come back for its final season and aired its first episode, time for this topic to make a comeback.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Great episode. Finally we get to see Jon Snow find out who he is. I'm wondering if Jon will keep this to himself for a while. Seeing him ride a dragon was great too, definitely had been waiting for that. Really looks like Sam is going to be advocating hard on getting Jon to be the King since he's the rightful heir and a better person. His father and brother being killed was a good drive I honestly didn't see coming
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    Spoiler Alert!
    Sam had a really good point when he asked if she would be so quick to give up her crown. Also dat ending. Knight King sure knows how to make a dramatic statement.


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      Spoiler Alert!
      Yeeeah Dany won't give up the throne, maybe she won't truly go mad but she loves her power and she'd never stand for a man taking it away, she cares way more about herself and her position. Maybe she'll relent eventually but there's no way she'll calmly accept it.
      The most predictable route is that she huffs and puffs about it but then realizes she's pregnant and changes her mind because Jon has a special dick or something yano. I hope there's more to it than that but I wouldn't expect a TV show to really push the boat out there.

      I wonder what Tyrion will make of that? I care more for his opinion than Dany's, he's in a super interesting position since he's helped Dany so much.

      Euron continues to be a great character, what a bastard.

      Great episode but DAMN I should have watched a recap I had no idea where we left off with most of the characters, I'd even forgotten Sam's name(but not Gilly's, for whatever reason)

      I wonder if the ice dragon is going to be as big a boon as we think it is? Seems fire is very effective against Whitewalkers and wights or whatever. Is it going to be immune to fire as you'd expect a dragon to be or will it be weak to it?
      Because surely it can't be immune, it would be unbeatable.
      I can see the living dragons having the capacity to fuck it right up but they'll probably get distracted by an army while the Night King himself just flanks around and goes for Winterfell.

      Seems obvious Winterfell won't last and I just got a cool image in my head of the Night King freezing the ocean, Aokiji style. People are way too comfortable about the protection the sea grants them.
      But that has me worried, if the final battle is going to take place elsewhere...then I hope that won't mean all the interesting characters in the North will just die. The rest of the cast is nowhere near as interesting if you ask me.
      Obviously they won't ALL die but if most of them do that'd be terrible.
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