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    Well, now that the series has come back for its final season and aired its first episode, time for this topic to make a comeback.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Great episode. Finally we get to see Jon Snow find out who he is. I'm wondering if Jon will keep this to himself for a while. Seeing him ride a dragon was great too, definitely had been waiting for that. Really looks like Sam is going to be advocating hard on getting Jon to be the King since he's the rightful heir and a better person. His father and brother being killed was a good drive I honestly didn't see coming

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    Spoiler Alert!
    Sam had a really good point when he asked if she would be so quick to give up her crown. Also dat ending. Knight King sure knows how to make a dramatic statement.


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      Spoiler Alert!
      Yeeeah Dany won't give up the throne, maybe she won't truly go mad but she loves her power and she'd never stand for a man taking it away, she cares way more about herself and her position. Maybe she'll relent eventually but there's no way she'll calmly accept it.
      The most predictable route is that she huffs and puffs about it but then realizes she's pregnant and changes her mind because Jon has a special dick or something yano. I hope there's more to it than that but I wouldn't expect a TV show to really push the boat out there.

      I wonder what Tyrion will make of that? I care more for his opinion than Dany's, he's in a super interesting position since he's helped Dany so much.

      Euron continues to be a great character, what a bastard.

      Great episode but DAMN I should have watched a recap I had no idea where we left off with most of the characters, I'd even forgotten Sam's name(but not Gilly's, for whatever reason)

      I wonder if the ice dragon is going to be as big a boon as we think it is? Seems fire is very effective against Whitewalkers and wights or whatever. Is it going to be immune to fire as you'd expect a dragon to be or will it be weak to it?
      Because surely it can't be immune, it would be unbeatable.
      I can see the living dragons having the capacity to fuck it right up but they'll probably get distracted by an army while the Night King himself just flanks around and goes for Winterfell.

      Seems obvious Winterfell won't last and I just got a cool image in my head of the Night King freezing the ocean, Aokiji style. People are way too comfortable about the protection the sea grants them.
      But that has me worried, if the final battle is going to take place elsewhere...then I hope that won't mean all the interesting characters in the North will just die. The rest of the cast is nowhere near as interesting if you ask me.
      Obviously they won't ALL die but if most of them do that'd be terrible.
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        Azor Ahai Theory
        Spoiler Alert!
        Saw an interesting theory that Jaime Lannister might actually be Azor Ahai (the Prince that was promised). It works surprisingly well and I'd think Jon, Daenerys, or one of their kids is far too easy of a guess for the one who sits on the Iron Throne. The only problem is that Jaime isn't a Targaryen, but maybe he doesn't have to be. After all, what truly defines someone as being the true heir? Perhaps the one who killed the previous King? Also, I don't think we know exactly who is related to Azor Ahai. So it probably is up in the air with who is actually his reincarnate. Targaryen probably doesn't matter.
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          Spoiler Alert!
          Kind of an uneventful episode for the most part. Definitely a lot of stuff was vital, but this at least will probably be the only boring episode in the season. Was at least pleased that Jon told Dany who he was and also glad he's accepted it. He's taking a much different attitude than I was expecting. I wonder if he'll actually want the throne now.


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            Spoiler Alert!
            I might be the only one who don't find these episode boring. I like the interactions, the conversations, the characters have. It adds a lot to the story, I feel.

            I am excited to see what Daenerys will do after the battle if both she and Jon survive. I am seeing signs of madness in her.
            Also, didn't expect that Arya sex scene, she's the last one I expected to even care about that sort of thing.
            Jaime and Tyrion were good in this episode. I loved how Jaime knighted Brienne.


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              Spoiler Alert!
              She never wanted to leave. Never wanted to leave. Also Arya has a nice ass.


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                Spoiler Alert!
                Yeah I've enjoyed these episodes, they were predictably slow but incredibly necessary.

                I just hope they don't fuck up all this tension by having a half hour of what's going on in Kings Landing at the moment before the battle.

                How does this feasibly end? Surely they won't win? But if they don't how the hell do more than a handful of the cast escape? Realistically their only means of escape would be dragon or some bloody good horses(if the Night Kings dragon doesn't just melt them) so could that mean most everyone is doomed?

                In thinking that what happens to them during the day? I can't remember, guess if they last until morning maybe they don't like the sun? They may have to retreat but then there's not much sun around at the minute...

                I feel so terribly uncomfortable about the upcoming episodes but incredibly excited as well, it's super weird.
                Tormund and Brienne better kiss before they die. His little jealously thing going on is hilarious.
                Her getting knighted was touching. It's weird that she wasn't already since she effectively had that position anyway.

                I loved all the prep they put in to defence, putting dragon glass on those wooden spike walls and everything, even the battlements. Crap like that might not even be useful but it's great detail.

                Off topic but I'd love to see an "isekai" TV show one day where someone gets put in a world like Game of Thrones, that'd be interesting. To have an actual real person try to fit in with a fantasy world rather than a quirky anime character could make for good TV with the right tone and story telling.
                I'd have huge trouble taking it seriously personally, that moment where reality would hit you would be devastating.


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                  Well, that was pretty damn good. I seen a fair selection of spoilers that softened many blows though and some of it was a bit predictable.

                  Spoiler Alert!
                  As good as this episode was and as hopeless as it felt for a long time it was a bit obvious that either they'd win or some sort of deus ex machina would happen, far too many loose threads and far too few characters in the rest of the world to carry the show if literally everyone at Winterfell died.

                  Well, most of them bloody well did but you know what I mean.

                  Sad about the Dothraki, that was a cool ass scene but damn they were practically useless, how can cavalry units be so terrible Total War lied to us.
                  As good an intro to the battle as that was it would have been nice to see them do...something considering how hardcore they were meant to be.

                  At least the Unsullied got to be total BOSS units. Super surprised Grey Worm survived.

                  Also wtf was Bran even doing? I was expecting a Deus Ex Machina of sorts where idk he'd call in a shit ton of Direwolves or something to steal the show but he was just chilling out with some ravens? Surely he was up to...something.
                  Also random idea, could he Warg in to The Mountain? That would be one way to kill Cersei. He's not exactly human at this point, so it seems so wonder if that would stand.

                  So now Cersei is top bad bitch and is...well surely pretty undefeatable given that like 95% of Winterfell is just gone. Wonder if she expected this to happen or if she was just down for whatever eventuality.
                  Obviously some armies in the North didn't join in but there's no way they have enough forces to take them on.
                  Especially not if that was Dany's other dragon dead, was a bit anti-climactic for it to just be dead though. One of them has to be killed by that crossbow anyway otherwise that was pointless foreshadowing.

                  Anyway yeah great episode but it had the huge problem of knowing the story still has to continue, too many plot threads left open for it to be feasible to have them all be wiped out.
                  At least Cleganebowl is still on the cards.


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                    Spoiler Alert!
                    Knew it would end well as there are more episodes to go and someone has to take the iron throne. Wasn't sure how the Knight King would go down until the Red Woman spoke to Arya. Was fully expecting Sansa and Tyrion to commit suicide at one point. Couldn't really tell what was happening with the dragon fight. To be fair my television screen is a bit shiny. Also who's idiotic idea was it to send cavalry head first into the enemy with no proper light? That isn't how cavalry works. Unless you are Ghengis Khan then they are support units who flank, chase down fleeing troops and harrass enemy lines. Steve Bran was luring the Night King into the open so that he was easier to get at. They said that was the plan in the previous episode and it was pretty much the only thing they could do. Oh and how cool was that scene with the giant? Too bad that girl had to die. She was badass.
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                      Spoiler Alert!
                      But how was chilling about with the ravens leading the Night King? The Night King always seems to know where he was anyway...just seemed like Bran was dicking about really.

                      Yeah I feel like there's a bit of disconnect between the start of the fight and what came after, from what little you could see it was almost like a freaking tidal wave of the dead hit the Dothraki and then after it's just a big ass army running along. They should have been a bit more useful.
                      Would have been nice if we got a shot of how many they killed just so we could feel they were helpful.

                      I thought the giant scene was incredibly silly to be honest. Why did it even pick her up? It went massively out of character for convenience, all the other wights seem to semi-mindlessly just kill everything but it for no reason decides to just toy with her.
                      Still badass on her part overall but in terms of writing, a bit silly and cliché.

                      And yeah I totally thought Sansa was about to stab herself in the stomach or something, that would have been pretty horrible only for them to win 2 minutes later.

                      Yeah the dragon bits were kinda awful I thought. I'm guessing the intention was that you're not supposed to know what's going on same as Dany and Jon but it was a bit annoying how they just kept cutting to them floating about the clouds like...okay we know what they're doing, how is everyone else doing, my boy Tormund better not be dead!

                      Also SPOILER for someone who survived the battle, apparently
                      Spoiler Alert!
                      Ghost, how the fuck did that happen? Least we might actually see him make a kill next time.


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                        Episode 3 pros and cons for me. I rant a lot here so, trigger warning

                        Spoiler Alert!

                        Pros: the action, character interactions, dialogue, visuals, all that type of stuff was awesome. The director did amazing. It was a fun episode to watch.

                        Cons: the battle strategy was absolutely terrible. There are over 100,000 wights right there...we have what? 1,000 doth raki? Let’s have only them head right into them IN THE DARK...but it’s ok they have flash lights...OF COURSE THEY'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! But you waited until after that to start using the dragons to help out? They also built a trench and some barriers...BEHIND most of their army?? So that when most of their army is already dead and wasted because they didn’t have enough protection the rest of them have to retreat into castle?

                        And then theres arya. I don’t have a problem with Arya being quick and stealthy enough to get from the library to the weirwood tree that fast and get past the white walkers surrounding the night knight to do a surprise attack. We saw how hard she trained for that and now that story arc has really paid off

                        what I do have a problem with is that even though there is obviously a distinction between him and the other White walkers, a fucking dagger killed the night king and it was just as effective as it would’ve against one of those normal white walkers. Yes it’s a Valyrian steel dagger but what makes that steel so special is that it was made with dragon fire. Clearly, at least against the night king, that shouldn’t mean anything because we just saw Drogon, a dragon, breathe fire on him for a good 10 seconds and it didn’t do anything to him. So why is poking him in the stomach once with that dagger enough to shatter him? This guy and Jon snow were hyped up so much for 7 seasons and the night king has proved to be extremely powerful till now but this is how he’s killed?

                        And also, she got there quick enough to save bran but not theon? Theon’s dead but not Sam Tarly? How in the hell is Sam not dead?? He has practically no good fighting experience but when he’s knocked down multiple times and surrounded by zombies he always makes it out alive

                        And I’m really glad Jaime and brienne are alive but every time they made it look like they were about to die it would cut away from the scene and we wouldn’t see how they got out of it


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                          Originally posted by Kingslayer96 View Post
                          Episode 3 pros and cons for me. I rant a lot here so, trigger warning

                          Spoiler Alert!

                          what I do have a problem with is that even though there is obviously a distinction between him and the other White walkers, a fucking dagger killed the night king and it was just as effective as it would’ve against one of those normal white walkers. Yes it’s a Valyrian steel dagger but what makes that steel so special is that it was made with dragon fire. Clearly, at least against the night king, that shouldn’t mean anything because we just saw Drogon, a dragon, breathe fire on him for a good 10 seconds and it didn’t do anything to him. So why is poking him in the stomach once with that dagger enough to shatter him? This guy and Jon snow were hyped up so much for 7 seasons and the night king has proved to be extremely powerful till now but this is how he’s killed?
                          Spoiler Alert!
                          I think that can easily be explained, maybe it won't be but it could work in some ways.

                          1 theory that seems prominent is that it's a special dagger of some sort, Bran gave her it so he possibly saw the future and knew it would kill the Night King.

                          And what I'd assume to be correct is much more simple, just magic. The dude could control the weather so I wouldn't find it hard to believe that he could basically just shield himself.
                          His clothes weren't singed off so it'd be reasonable to suggest the dragon fire didn't actually hit him.

                          And then as an extension to that he probably lowered that shield against Arya since she's just some girl and he's clearly super strong, she was of no realistic threat to him in his eyes.

                          As for the trench thing it would have been useless to put it further ahead because it would have just slowed them down before the battle, which would make a retreat much harder when the battle had begun because the tidal wave of wights would just fuck them up.
                          The Unsullied were prepared to bro up and die, the future of man is at stake after all. It was an effective retreat tactic for sure, you need to make sure enough people make it back in to your stronghold to actually defend it.
                          Not that that panned out.

                          Obviously they could have done more trenches but guess they didn't have the time or resources.


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                            Spoiler Alert!
                            Good episode, but man what was with those whack battle strategies. Also, Bran and the Night King staring at each other, my friends and I couldn't help but burst out in laughter. Bran is such a meme in this series. I was expecting Jon to get breathed on by fire and survive showing to all he's a Targaryen, maybe that'll never happen. There's still Cersei's wildfire though. I wasn't too bothered that this battle ended in a single episode given the time, but then again it felt short lived. Kind of an anti climactic ending I guess I would say. Arya killing the Knight King was super weird. But I appreciated the fact that it was a surprise. The scene was definitely good, but I had shock of awe and anger. I'm still not knowing how to handle it. Anyways, I hear episodes 4-6 are incredible. Harrington said episode 4 is his favorite and Clarke mentions that 5 and 6 are amazing. I'm definitely counting on it.


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                              Spoiler Alert!
                              I don't really know why people are incredibly angry about the Night King being offed when there might be more to the story anyway, there's a huge amount of weirdness going on. Can see him coming back somehow, maybe by taking control over Bran. Perhaps after a huge amount of people are killed in the next battle that will trigger something.
                              With all the time stuff going on it'd be odd for it to just be done.

                              Other than that it's the only way I can see it ending like what would they do if that didn't work? He was strong as fuck so he'd have wiped out everyone in Winterfell and then you're not telling me anyone in Kings Landing can take him on.
                              Imagine The Mountain destroys him and then that's it, Cersei wins the end. That would be a horrific ending. I think it made plenty sense as is, the damage was done and now man is left to destroy itself and hopefully end off with a good future...we shall see.