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Halloween (2018)

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  • Halloween (2018)

    Another imaginative title for a movie that brings back a somewhat dead franchise. But since this is John Carpenter's return, I will ignore this decision.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Me as I watched it:

    I wish they would use a more subtle Universal intro for special movies like these... It doesn't fit the mood.

    OOOH, now these are the credits I'm talking about! Classic Halloween stuff, love it!

    Hearing Dr Loomis is dead is sad, understandable as it might be, not just because you can't simply replace Donald Pleasance but because it's been 40 years since the first movie both in-universe and in real time. Loomis would be 100 years old if he was still alive, so it's better this way. I'd rather not have Michael finishing him off while old and weakened, if they chose to keep him alive. It makes more sense that he would've died a long time ago.

    I don't think I'll comment all that much, this movie's already me sucked in. That intro was awesome.

    Awww yeaaaah, badass grandma Laurie Strode. One of the OGs in the slasher genre!

    Haluk Bilginier as Dr Sartain is doing really good as Loomis' former student and current "replacement", though everyone's acting in this movie is pretty damn good. A shame Sartain had to go down like that.

    For a sec there I thought Sheriff Barker was Creighton Duke... (Pyrus will get this) That would've been a nice way to tie those two series together lol

    Ah, Michael... You may be in your 60s now... But you still got it!

    Ah, seeing the OG Michael Myers walking down the streets of Haddonfield makes me happy

    All these classic sound effects make me happy as well.

    A shame that cute teen couple died, I liked them. I guess that's what the dude gets for saying Michael wasn't that big of a deal lol

    Alright good, Sartain is still around.

    Aaand he's crazy. Neat! This is a very nice addition to the series, Loomis' student becomes obsessed with his teacher's history mainly because of his most notorious patient and goes mad himself. This wouldn't work if it'd been Loomis himself.

    That was a great kill, Michael exploded Sartain's head like a pumpkin. And it was an actual prop!

    And speaking of pumpkins, Michael REALLY ****ed those guys up! The cops, I mean

    Haha! Laurie pulling the same disappearing trick that Michael did on Loomis!

    So that's what that shack of hers was for... it's a trap!

    And now the devil incarnate has been sent back to Hell... Or has he? If you notice... His hearing can be heard in the credits.

    This was fantastic.

    The many nods to the other sequels (the woman he gets the knife from which is from Halloween II, the masks from Halloween 3 are there, the comedic cop duo from 5 I think, the bathroom kill is from one of the other sequels...) felt natural and not shoehorned in. For a guy who is mostly in comedies, this director showed how a true fan can revive a franchise. This is The Force Awakens done right, it takes inspiration from the first movie but doesn't straight up copy plot points and is its own thing, a good sequel.
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    Excellent, I managed to skim through the perfect parts of that spoiler so as to not see anything actually spoilery but get a good idea of what it's like

    One thing though, how is the gore? I'm not so interested in horror movies that just go over the top with it or are needlessly vile. I want to feel tense not to just feel disgusted by nails peeling off and shit like that, Halloween in general has always been pretty good at not being overly gruesome so I hope that rings true here.


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      I personally didn't think it was gory enough but then that would have been a mistake because it would have made it funny when it wasn't meant to be.


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        It's only slightly bloodier than the original movie I guess, so very little blood overall when compared to say... its peers, Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street, and especially Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

        I don't mind gore but maybe some of the more gruesome and twisted stuff Michael does might catch you off guard. Maybe.


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          I mostly don't like overly drawn out and grotesque things.
          Like when he dunks that nurse(I think) in the boiling hot bath in the second movie, whatever, you only see a flash of their boiled face.
          But anything like nails, teeth or skin being pulled off while the person screams and is visible uncomfortable...eugh. Just stab them and be done with it.


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            Yeah, there's none of that in the movie.


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              I know I'm very late to the party here, but I really like this Halloween, I got to go see it opening night.

              I expected more gore though, just because all that evil and rage was locked away for so long, I expected his rampage to be far more graphic, and that twist was just dumb and one I saw a mile away.


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                I liked this movie but it felt very throwaway as well, especially the characters. There was basically nothing about most of them that would make you give a damn about them dying or not like the weird stalkery friend, you could see his death coming from 10 billion miles away and it's just like "Yep, that guy died"

                Obviously we only care about characters connected to the original movie in some way.

                But that just makes everything else feel like a waste of time. Especially with the way it ends, since there is no actual ending.