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Demolition Man (1993)

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  • Demolition Man (1993)

    Recently watched bits of this one, I'll never forget it being one of the first movies I remember seen advertised a lot.

    Some of you 'muricans might find some of the predictions in this movie rather amusing. I recommend all of you to watch it, it's a nice action flick from when the genre was slowly dying and the more muscular heroes were starting to disappear.

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    I used to love it but damn the setting makes no sense. There was an Earthquake in Los Angeles so now there's only Taco Bell and old radio jingles?

    Wesley Snipes was fantastic in it though.


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      It's an okay Stallone movie. He's done much better, but it does have some entertaining fight scenes.


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        Lol I remember it and some of it still worries me, like the sex thing and how they do it virtually so they don't touch each other. I can see crap like that happening with how crazy people are going with touching and consent issues to the point where people consider being tapped on the shoulder harassment...yikes.

        I'm sad Wesley Snipes doesn't get much love these days, dude is awesome. Now he's only in shitty B movies really having went the way of Nic Cage for the most part.


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          I love this movie, and I especially love how self aware it is too. What makes it funny but sad is how well it predicted the future, with oppressing free speech, opinions and feeling dictating how things should be(Sure that one hasn't happened yet, but the SJW's are damn sure trying to make it a reality), it's pretty much what would happen if Google took over. And this movie says fuck you to that idea, and I love it!

          This movie is like Last Action Hero, it's self aware, it doesn't take it's self seriously, makes fun of action movie tropes, and they had a blast making this, I think you can really tell in the finished product.