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Rank the movies of 2018

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  • Rank the movies of 2018

    Of all the movies you saw and came out in 2018 rank them from best to worst.

    1. Dragon Ball Super: Broly
    2. Avengers: Infinity War
    3. Aquaman
    4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
    5. Paul, Apostle of Christ
    6. Black Panther
    7. Mary Poppins Returns
    8. Solo
    9. Christopher Robin
    10. Mission Impossible: Fallout

  • #2
    Avengers Infinity War
    Bohemian Rhapsody
    Black Panther
    Deadpool 2
    The Predator



    • #3
      I didn't see that many movies last year, honestly.

      1. Ready Player One
      2. Avengers: Infinity War
      3. Mission Impossible: Fallout
      4. Black Panther
      5. Deadpool 2
      6. Skjelvet (The Quake)
      7. The Incredibles 2
      8. Solo: A Star Wars Story
      9. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
      10. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

      Anon, Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

      I think that's it. 8 movies? Wow, I need to catch up.
      EDIT: That's 8 Hollywood production movies, 9 with the one norwegian movie I watched (Skjelvet).
      EDIT 2: Never mind, I did get 10 overall. I forgot Anon, a Netflix production movie I watched back in May.
      EDIT 3: Incredibles 2 watched. 11 movies overall. Probably gonna edit this a few more times over the next weeks.
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      • #4
        Not necessarily a worst-to-best list. I always base my tastes on what I enjoy most; after all, this is an entertainment medium. If it doesn’t do its job properly then I won’t acknowledge it.

        Honorable mentions

        Avengers: Infinity War - More of the same from the MCU, can’t help to get invested and it’s giving the source material the middle finger. I was very bored and a little irked as I watched it.
        Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - I didn’t watch this one but I have seen most of it through clips. There are interesting ideas and the Indoraptor is kinda neat design-wise, but it’s honestly the worst of the series. Though it does have one thing over Jurassic World: Animatronics.
        Aquaman - Haven’t seen this one either, but I’ve got high hopes for it. It can’t possibly be worse than the past two.
        Dragon Ball Super: Broly - Same as the previous one, though I’m more interested in seeing this one, if only for the animation.

        The Predator

        Resultado de imagen de the predator poster

        Easily the weakest movie I’ve watched as of late, however I appreciate the return of such an iconic movie monster, even if it doesn’t show any new concepts or ideas. It’s just kind of past movies all meshed together, though hopefully this pushes filmmakers into developing this mythos a little bit more and taking more notes from the comics. And like Steve pointed out in the movie’s thread, there are a few head scratching flaws, like the Yautja tech being able to be used by humans. There are a lot of conveniences in this movie, but despite the fact that there’s quite a bit of bad and boring, I overall enjoyed it just fine.

        Maybe I’m being too lenient on it, but whatevs.

        Ready Player One

        MAN, if the term ‘eye candy’ was a movie… You know how the sentence continues.

        I think this movie was mostly fanservice. Enjoyable yet confusing fanservice, especially at the end. I think the human stuff was pretty boring for the most part, and though it started out really good, it got worse and worse over time, but I kept enjoying the movie thanks to the many special cameos, even if most were only shown in like one or two seconds… Or less.

        The Iron Giant and the Gundam taking on that Mechagodzilla, though? That right there was badass and nothing’s gonna change my mind. My only nitpick is that the Iron Giant never went into attack mode like when it went berserk on its own movie… but eh.

        Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

        Andy Serkis continues his journey as the greatest motion capture actor ever, this time not portraying a corrupted hobbit or an ape, but a bear! This somewhat faithful adaptation of The Jungle Book is an admirable attempt at capturing the magic of Rudyard Kipling’s stories, though it left me wanting more, and we might get more, but I’m not too sure since it kinda covers most of the stuff in the first book, but the sequel can always focus on the second, which would make sense.

        But yeah, I really enjoyed this movie. The atmosphere made it for me. Plus, it’s nice to see a Kaa that isn’t evil, or a stern teacher like the OG Baloo, finally.

        The Death of Superman

        I wasn’t expecting to like this one, because the universe these last few DC animated movies are set in isn’t one I care much about. And yet… this one really sucked me in. It made me give a damn about this Superman, which I never really liked in any of the past movies, and his relationship with Lois. It was nothing special but it did follow the Death of Superman a little more closely than Superman: Doomsday (which I still consider the better movie) though with the obvious replacements of the current League as opposed to the League back then in the 90s, which I appreciate. And the action was pretty good, plus the fight was very long but surprisingly never dragged.

        This is why I have it as one of the best, because it made me care.

        Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

        The only adaptation in this movie that I like better than what it’s… well, it’s not really based on Spider-Verse, more so it takes inspiration from it.

        This is easily the best I’ve seen from Sony in a looooooooong time, especially from their animation studio. This is a very charming movie, and it comes very close to being what I think of when I imagine a comic book movie, though this movie isn’t very comic book-esque, it just has a comic book filter on… Among many other weird filters that make stuff look blurry or very hectic.

        It’s one of the best Spider-Man movies in my eyes, better than the last three we’ve had, but the animation is what really makes it great for me. Everything else doesn’t stand up to the animation. Lots of convenient or shoehorned in stuff happens in the story and it’s not all that faithful regarding some of the Spider-Men they adapted plus there are unwelcome traces of MCU here and there, but at least the writers were having fun and took some risks, that’s something I can appreciate… especially when it came to Spider-Ham.


        And speaking of fun, here’s something that is successfully entertaining without trying to mess anything up. Ever since they announced a potential movie over 10 years ago, I’ve been excited to see it, and while this isn’t what I expected or wanted… it’s close enough.
        This is more of a “how a more regular Eddie would grow to become Venom” story, with Peter Parker and Spider-Man taken out of the equation and leaving Brock with no one to blame but himself, which is still a pretty miserable end for him given how he turns out six months later. Ann reasonably leaves him for some other guy and his own strong sense of justice as a reporter gets him fired.

        This Eddie is less bent on revenge on the original, mostly because he has no one to take revenge on, and is less approving of the symbiote’s initial help and especially its bloodlust, though by the end of the movie he’s more than fine with it, and the two are almost inseparable, with the symbiote finding Eddie relatable as they’re both losers. Barring the more comic book-y eyes and the spider insignia on his chest (though the white veins kinda work still), Venom’s pretty perfect, mostly because his co-creator, Todd McFarlane, was there to help. He’s got that quirky yet twisted sense of humor and justice that made him one of the first true anti-heroes in comics, and is bigger than ever, at 7’6’’ and 500 lbs (or 228,6 cm and 226,8 kg), though considering how his shapeshifting abilities are on point as usual, that’s not really important.

        It was a very well-put together, humorous and charming movie, I thought they did a good job with Eddie and Ann’s relationship, especially since now, the symbiote has her to protect as well, since in the comics Ann dies, and the symbiote cares about Eddie’s well-being.

        I liked Carlton Drake’s god complex and all the symbolic talk he was on about every now and then. The only thing I miss are the other symbiote baddies. Only Riot shows up, and though he’s a bigger badass than he was in the comics, he would’ve looked cooler with his team. Still, the sequel promises a better villain, as well as a lot of carnage…


        We jump from good to fantastic.

        This one blows all the other movies here out of the water for me, it made me feel like a youngin’ watching Halloween for the first time. It managed to capture the same feel and brought Michael back to his roots. It takes notes from Carpenter’s classic, altering things here and there to a surprising degree. Thanks to John Carpenter being part of it yet again, as well as lending his phenomenal musical skills, this is honestly the best Halloween sequel, and it captures the feel of a traditional, classic slasher film from the time period the original comes from very well.

        This is the most cheerful I’ve felt for the return of a classic character in a while. My only complaint is the unoriginal movie's title, but that’s greatly overshadowed by all the greatness contained within this movie.

        Welcome home, Michael.

        “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”


        • #5
          I can't remember every movie I watched this year but of what I remember...

          My top movie would probably be Annihilation so good it gets underlined.
          Just wow, such a creepy and interesting movie. It's not what I expected at all, it's definitely out there but I appreciated the way it flowed. It was so different to almost every movie I've ever watched and at times, despite not being a horror movie, was far more terrifying than most horror films.
          The visuals and sounds were incredible.
          It makes me unbearably sad that this movie didn't even make it's budget back, it was freaking great. I may have to read the books since we'll likely never see them adapted.
          "What did it want?"
          "I don't think it wanted anything...it just was"

          Second would probably be Upgrade
          Great movie as well, what it lacks in core originality it makes up for in setting and choreography. For a movie produced on an extremely low budget, $3-5 million it did not feel that way at all, the sci-fi effects were brilliant and the action was great too.
          I loved the way the main character moved in it and the way the camera followed his awkward movements, it genuinely felt like he was controlling his body with only his mind. Brilliant ending, would love a sequel.

          Third would be Aquaman
          Now this was a surprise, while it didn't really break new ground in general it certainly broke bedrock for the DCEU. Massively fun movie that I honestly enjoyed more than Thor: Ragnarok despite their similarities, unlike most comic book movies it subervted many expectations and paved the way forward rather than chucking characters away for dramatic affect the very first time you meet them.
          The visuals were on point too, did not expect that from a DCEU movie. Sure they weren't perfect but for a movie so heavy on CGI it done a fantastic job compared to the other DCEU movies, even the ones that don't use much CG. No idea how they pulled that one off when they can't even do Superman without a moustache.

          Fourthshall be Deadpool 2

          The first Deadpool was a pretty awesome movie...I did not expect that to be true of the sequel, while not every joke landed and some scenes were...a bit overdone in a bad way(that one near the end, you already know what I'm talking about) it was a fun movie that to me had so much more of an impact than the first.
          I felt like this movie had way more of an emotional core to it, it made me actually feel for Wade Wilson a good bit. Outside of the general goofiness it tells a pretty heartfelt story...whilst also being an incredibly fun, chaotic movie in all the right ways though the conclusion left much desired, the final battle was kind of weak.
          Virtually all the characters, especially Cable were superb.

          Fifth...Infinity War

          While a lot of this movie didn't do much to astound me in terms of story or suspense it has to be respected if not just on a technical level. How the writers balanced so many characters and gave them all a decent amount of screen time while still telling a cohesive story...just...how?

          For me it's kinda low on every other aspect because despite how incredibly big an event it was, it still felt like another MCU movie. It was hard to care about any action sequences because you know exactly where they're going with them and it never does much to surpise despite visually being immensely impressive. I feel like it's hard to judge this movie by itself because as much as it's meant to be a standalone film it definitely feels like Part 1, I don't think I can get an accurate feel for it without knowing what consequences...if any the events in it have.
          If there are none what so ever then this movie will instantly feel rather weak.
          But as a standalone experience still pretty great, Thanos was easily the best MCU villain and the only one with any interesting development at all. Him basically being the main character was a great angle, it was so much more satisfying than all these movies where the villain gets like 5 minutes of screen time and you barely even know what their goal is...yeah, you. Ultron.

          I struggle to remember anything else that came out last year we watched.
          Black Panther was pretty good as was Ant Man and The Wasp but...eh not really list worthy.

          Turd of the Year Award

          The Predator

          The creators of this movie certainly feel like the Predators here, stealing two hours from people like that. Around the halfway mark of this movie I wanted to just put it off but morbid curiosity got the better of me and add that to the list of regrets.
          Nothing in this movie apart from one single scene did anything for me. The characters were boring and tried way too hard to be kewl tough guys and it just didn't work at all. You can't present to me the awesome cast from the original and then tell me these guys are the new badass team. Not one of them was cool or did anything interesting.
          The action in this movie was incredibly safe and bland and literally every character including the Predators felt like bumbling buffoons.
          Bring back Arnie. Or just make a good movie.