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DVDs in comparison to Blu Rays

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  • DVDs in comparison to Blu Rays

    For those of you who watch DVDs or Blu Rays or those cuboidal tapes at home, do you think DVDs are still worth buying today? How big a difference do you notice between the two?

    I've been considering buying some anime (and perhaps a live action movie or two), so that it's more easily accessible (mostly so I can force people to watch it without the threat of dodgy adverts). The series I'm interested in are mostly 90s-early 2000s (Evangelion, Haibane Renmei), but also maybe some modern stuff (Gintama, HxH). Blu Rays cost 2-3 times as much as the DVDs. On Youtube and K*s*anime I normally watch videos on my TV or laptop in 720p and 480p can seem a little blurry. Would DVDs look exactly like that or can they look a bit better if watched with certain settings? I've read that DVDs can sometimes look worse on newer TVs than on older non-HD ones - is there truth to this?


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    It's a noticeable difference with live action. Older animation doesn't seem to matter and can actually look worse. Especially when lines and other little details become noticeable.


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      Depends I guess, Blu-ray does look a lot better. I have Dragon Ball Z on both DVD and Blu-ray. I have to say the Blu-ray looks much better. But it still looks good on DVD. We have 2 blu-ray players though and they absolutely suck at playing blu-ray discs. PS3 and PS4 are perfect though.


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        Blu-Rays are often better, in my own experience.


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          Blu-Rays do have better quality, but you need a TV that can play HD movies. All TVs post-2010 will be able to, so shouldn't be a problem.


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            BluRay looks better but not enough to justify the excess price in my opinion.

            Why would I spend £20 on a 1.5 hour long movie when I can spend £6 or so instead for barely noticeable differences? The differences are only apparent if you really look for them, at which point, are you even trying to enjoy the movie?

            Makes me think of video games. Some games look amazing and realistic...years later they look like shit. Whereas other games like Wind Waker have a timeless art style that will pretty much never look truly terrible.
            Most movies are like the latter.
            Movies like Terminator 2: Judgement Day still look fantastic today, as do titles like The Matrix. You don't need BluRay to enjoy them.

            As for anime, unless the DVD is in 240p there's basically no difference.


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              It varies from person to person. Some people will see more of a difference than others, it's up to each own to choose what they want.


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                Unlike VHSs compared to DVDs, the latter of which is obviously superior in every way to the former, DVDs compared to Blu Rays come down to personal preference for the most part. I prefer DVDs to make things less complicated... LOL.


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                  Most people see the difference between DVD and Blu-Rays, less people see the difference between 720p (HD Ready) and 1080p (Full HD). Now a lot of people have upgraded to 4K and I am seriously thinking about buying a 4K player soon.


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                    My immediate family is considering getting me a Blu Ray player to replace my DVD player for my birthday in April.


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                      Originally posted by Guest View Post
                      My immediate family is considering using online video cutter to make me a great gift for my bday. Can't wait to see the result .
                      Will you share it here?
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