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  • Into the SPIDER-VERSE

    Imma say this, when I saw the trailer for this movie, I was intrigued (primarily by the animation) but still wasn’t all that hyped. But lemme tell you something, this movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, is quite possibly one of the best comic book movies ever, and for me, the best theatrical Spider-Man film to date. From the visual flair the animation provides, to the remarkable soundtrack and superb voice acting, to the tight writing throughout the film, this is a movie that truly gets what it means to be Spider-Man.

    There is humour, there is tragedy, but ultimately, I’ll say this, if you’re a fan of Spider-Man in any way, do yourself a favour and watch this glorious movie

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    Oh boy, lots of high praise.

    This movie already came out over here, but I'm waiting for a buddy of mine to get back from vacation so that we can watch it together, since I know he wanted to.


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      The thing that put me off and this is of course a very minor thing to be put off by but I cannot stand Gwen Stacy's hair cut in this film. It just... arghhh.


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        To be fair, Gwen didn't exactly choose the haircut either
        I do actually like how her hair first appears in addition, reminded me of Gwen's messier style for most of her run as Spider-Gwen, the rest I was fine with, but seemed to work mostly as a way to make the most of a bad mistake.

        I'll say it right now, it was probably one of my favorite films this year, and I think aside from maybe Annihilation (which is very different and niche) it's the best I've seen all year.
        It looks absolutely great, it sounds absolutely great, the story was pretty fantastic, I like all the spiders and do want to see them doing their own thing as their own character. I honestly have it as a 10/10 here, and I'll be really surprised if any other movie this year (possibly this decade) can look as good as this one manages to.

        I like the way it has all of the art styles mesh so well together despite... Well one's a cartoon pig, the other is Black 'n White noir, and yet another is anime styled, and they all share the screen fairly often alongside Mile's own unique world. Prowler was done really well here, as was Kingpin, and that they embraced that this universe is also an alt-universe rather than simply the main Spider-Man story brought to the big screen (like with the Raimi and Garfield films, which aren't bad necessarily, but I liked them embracing the fact that they're an alt-universe here). Miles is also done really well here, I love his development, and hell, other universe Peter is great, and hell I even really liked Miles' Peter even, despite not showing up for long. I'm probably getting this film as soon as it's out on blu-ray, and I'm really hoping that this film proves to be a slam-dunk for Sony, and they continue to do what they did here, because what happened here was honestly one of the best ways they could have gone about this. It's already impressive how good the film is, and that's before realizing how much Sony has been stumbling trying to make use of Spider-Man.

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          Spoilers, just in case.


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            I don't think I've spoiled anything, everything here has already been shown in a commercial for it, and doesn't really go into anything specifically spoiler-y about the movie. I actually cut out a bit of content to avoid spoilers lol

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              Like I said, just in case.

              I didn't really read through any of that, but it was a wall and seemed like a lot to talk about.