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Wrestlemania Weekend 2019

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  • Wrestlemania Weekend 2019

    With Wrestlemania weekend on the horizon, what events/matches are you most looking forward to? For me, the two main shows I'm excited for are NXT TakeOver New York and the New Japan G1 Supercard. Both cards are stacked. The matches I'm most looking forward to:

    Pete Dunne vs WALTER - I've never seen Walter wrestle, so I'm looking forward to checking him out. Pete Dunne is also really good, so this should be great.
    Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole - I love Adam Cole, and Gargano is decent too.
    Taiji Ishimori vs Bandido vs Dragon Lee - Should be a fun, high-octane, crazy bout.
    Zack Sabre Jr. vs Hiroshi Tanahashi - A fan of both guys, can't see this being anything but great.
    Tetsuya Naito vs Kota Ibushi - Ditto, with even higher expectations as I think both guys have strong claims to being the best in the world.

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    Well all of NXT TakeOver should be great as it always is.
    Dunne VS WALTER should be especially amazing. WALTER is legit one of the top 10 wrestlers out there. Insane we haven't seen him in WWE or NJPW yet.
    Gargano-Cole, War Raiders-Black/Ricochet and Dream-Riddle all have no way to disappoint. Especially can't wait for Velveteen Dream, always steals the show for me. So entertaining.

    WrestleMania has a pretty damn good card as well to be honest:
    Joe-Rey should be great, Rollins-Lesnar might be really good, AJ-Orton, Murphy-Nese and even Reigns-McIntyre. All could be lovely stuff.
    Then there's the women's triple threat: Ronda VS Becky VS Charlotte. Too bad it's a triple threat, I was really hoping we'd get Ronda v Becky 1-on-1, but this should still be great.
    Then it's Kofi-Bryan. This is the WM match I'm most excited for. No way they can disappoint.

    Then also G1 Supercard. Ishimori vs Dragon Lee vs Bandido will obviously be great.
    Tanahashi vs ZSJ - two men who never disappoint.
    Lethal vs Taven vs Scurll would be a sleeper
    Naito vs Ibushi - Yes Please!
    White vs Okada gonna be great as well I think. Okada always delivers and Jay White is getting much better. His previous matches with Okada @WK and @G1 were great as well


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      Man NJPW was really carrying the dead weight that is ROH.
      TakeOver was great as always. Still loving the Dream. WALTER and Dunne knocked it out of the park and as expected Gargano and Cole delivered an insane match


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        New Japan missed a trick not pulling the trigger on Naito when they had the chance. You have the hottest act in Pro Wrestling and you don't captalise on it? Even going to Tokyo for Wrestle Kingdom wasn't enough to pique my interest back to what it was.

        NXT: TakeOvers are always great. Even the 'good' matches have such an atmosphere with them that it gets elevated. My favourite match on the card was probably the fourway, despite the acclaim the main event got. Cole/Gargano just had too many kick outs for mine.
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