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New Japan Cup 2019 Bracket

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  • New Japan Cup 2019 Bracket

    Bracket for the 2019 NJ Cup is released. 32 men for the first time. Some major first round matchups.

    First round:
    Yuji Nagata VS Tomohiro Ishii
    Tomoaki Honma VS Taichi
    Manabu Nakanishi VS YOSHI-HASHI
    Juice Robinson VS Chase Owens
    Kazuchika Okada VS Michael Elgin
    Mikey Nicholls VS HIKULEO (Mikey Nicholls is Nick Miller from NXT, now a Chaos member and making his NJPW debut)
    Will Ospreay VS Bad Luck Fale
    Toa Henare VS Lance Archer
    Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Shota Umino
    Hiroyoshi Tenzan VS David Finlay
    Kota Ibushi VS Tetsuya Naito (two of my 3 biggest picks to win it, in the first round, man...)
    EVIL VS Zack Sabre Jr.
    Togi Makabe VS Colt Cabana
    Toru Yano VS Davey Boy Smith Jr.
    Satoshi Kojima VS Minoru Suzuki
    Hirooki Goto VS SANADA

    My Predictions:
    1st round:
    Ishii beats Nagata
    Taichi beats Honma
    YOSHI-HASHI beats Nakanishi
    Juice beats Chase
    Okada beats Elgin
    Mikey beats HIKULEO
    Ospreay beats Fale
    Archer beats Henare
    Tanahashi beats Umino
    Finlay beats Tenzan
    Naito beats Ibushi
    ZSJ beats EVIL
    Cabana beats Makabe
    Yano beats DBSJ
    Suzuki beats Kojima
    SANADA beats Goto

    2nd round:
    Taichi beats Ishii
    Juice beats YOSHI-HASHI
    Okada beats Mikey
    Ospreay beats Archer
    Tanahashi beats Finlay
    Naito beats ZSJ
    Yano beats Cabana
    SANADA beats Suzuki

    3rd round:
    Juice beats Taichi
    Okada beats Ospreay
    Naito beats Tanahashi
    SANADA beats Yano

    4th round:
    Okada beats Juice
    Naito beats SANADA

    Naito beats Okada

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