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Has The Lockdown Affected Your Physical Health?

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    Not really, I can do food and beer curls at home whenever I want. I'm also not really a people person anyway and being unemployed at the time, so I was barely affected by any of this.


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      I haven't been at the gym since last March. A bit depressing for me I am used to doing exercise 3 times a week and now my sport routine is completely broken... so I feel that my health isn't as good as it was a year ago I even start thinking about getting a health insurance to be on the safe side. Here is the variant which seems the most appropriate to me at the moment.
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        Things have been kind of super for me, it's fascinating how wildly different lockdown has affected people.

        I've taken this time to develop better habits and have lost a good bit of weight and got much fitter. Just the other day I went on something like a 7 mile walk with my weighted backpack.
        I done it before without the weight and it took me two and a half hours but this time I went the harder way, which involved starting off going up hill for over a mile. And that's without having anything to year yet.
        Still took me 2 and a half hours to complete the loop and I never had to stop and rest, I only stopped to get a sandwich out my bag and to look at a cool frog.

        Annoyingly I still have a beer belly that won't go away yet but this is the fittest I've ever been and it feels great.


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          I was influenced. I had health problems because I gained weight. Now I have to take tests constantly.