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Has The Lockdown Affected Your Physical Health?

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    Not the lockdown itself, but with the house locked rule. When I was little, I was alone in the house, and some thieves came; it was a terrible experience that led to long-time trauma.


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      Not really, I can do food and beer curls at home whenever I want. I'm also not really a people person anyway and being unemployed at the time, so I was barely affected by any of this.


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        I have suffered from non-allergic asthma since childhood. In other words, it manifests itself from stress, and there was a lot of it during the period of self-isolation. I can't stand confined spaces, and although my room is spacious, after a couple of weeks, it began to seem tiny to me, and the walls constantly pressed down on me. Also, I'm not on perfect terms with my parents. So I found myself locked up with them with no way to escape. All of this made me have asthma attacks almost every day. If it hadn't been for my doctor and his telehealth software, I wouldn't be writing this comment. So glad this hell is over.
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