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Has The Lockdown Affected Your Physical Health?

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  • Has The Lockdown Affected Your Physical Health?

    Decided to post this in the Sports section since there's no Health section.

    Has it made it to where you can't exercise? It made it to where I don't work all day, but I'm getting in better health by eating better recently.
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    No, not really. I don't really exercise, though I definitely should.


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      Surely it affected both, my physical and mental health. Regarding the physical health... well, my daily routine went from bad to worse. I was playing video games throughout the whole night, and sleeping all the day. Eating just 2 times per day, I mean per night, and mostly fast food as I was already tired of cooking. So, i got really really fat. While my mental healt has also suffered. I became really anxious. I even started to buy kratom extract in order to relax myself and treat this anxiety. Honestly, this pandemic broke me.
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        Yes it's effecting me a lot.
        My mental health is deteriorating, very little physical contact with friends. Cat seems to enjoy it though, little fucker.

        Also physically. Haven't played football in months, really sucks. Also the gym has been closed since december, gotten a little fatter, really have to watch what I eat. Luckily a buddy of mine has a home gym cause he's in the national rowing team, so I'm working out with him now once a week, it's something.


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          Hasn't the lockdown affected your physical health. That should be the correct question and the answer is definitely no.I mean it has to be one way or another. I had my grandmother in the hospital for 3 weeks, and it was a painful situation for everyone in the family. I know it's early but not everyone can handle this virus so the vaccine is our way out.There are many who argue that the vaccine is the only way out entirely but I tend to disagree as the most recent studies have proved that the virus is as strong as we allow it to be. WIth that in mind a strong immune system is crucial for all diseases and the only way is to get the correct nutrients and vitamins on a daily basis specially now. If oyu want to save money and find the best supplements then https://femadata.com/ is the most appropriate place to do so.Their analysis of each product is stellar and really proves how beneficaila supplements can be.
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            Well, in the beginning I could not stop eating. It was so strange for me to get from an active lifestyle to a sedentary one. In fact, I was comforting myself with cooking and eating. Thanks God, it was just for 2 weeks, so I didn't manage to become so fat. Still, I started to use CBD oil in order to get rid of the anxiety and stress I had. I was the best option for me, because it's very efficient and it's not addictive at all. More than that, it is convenient to order it online, because they provide good discounts https://www.healthcanal.com/coupon/cbdfx. So, you can get even more products at a small price.
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              I've actually started taking weight loss pills called Phentermine, and it helps lower your appetite, increase your metabolism, and makes you more energetic. I've losted 25 pounds because of it since a month and a half ago.


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                Yeah my mental health has been completely shot as of recently, and I've gain a bit too much weight as well. Between the lack of exercise, and a few not so good choices I've made, I kind of put myself in a tough position. I'm just now really starting to recover from everything, and I am trying to eat healthy and exercise. I'm also cutting out any bad habits I've pick up in the past year, since I have picked up a few.