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Has The Lockdown Affected Your Physical Health?

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  • Has The Lockdown Affected Your Physical Health?

    Decided to post this in the Sports section since there's no Health section.

    Has it made it to where you can't exercise? It made it to where I don't work all day, but I'm getting in better health by eating better recently.
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    No, not really. I don't really exercise, though I definitely should.


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      Surely it affected both, my physical and mental health. Regarding the physical health... well, my daily routine went from bad to worse. I was playing video games throughout the whole night, and sleeping all the day. Eating just 2 times per day, I mean per night, and mostly fast food as I was already tired of cooking. So, i got really really fat. While my mental healt has also suffered. I became really anxious. I even started to buy kratom extract in order to relax myself and treat this anxiety. Honestly, this pandemic broke me.
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        Yes it's effecting me a lot.
        My mental health is deteriorating, very little physical contact with friends. Cat seems to enjoy it though, little fucker.

        Also physically. Haven't played football in months, really sucks. Also the gym has been closed since december, gotten a little fatter, really have to watch what I eat. Luckily a buddy of mine has a home gym cause he's in the national rowing team, so I'm working out with him now once a week, it's something.