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Football VS Soccer

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  • Football VS Soccer

    Which do you like better and why?

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    Soccer. I respect football and think it's unique and fantastic to watch, but growing up in a country where there was a strong soccer culture in which I was immersed it's always going to be soccer for me. I grew up playing it and now coach it. I'm sure had I grown up in the US I'd feel the same way about football


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      Originally posted by DaviFlody
      Soccer all the way! I do not even understand why we call it soccer and not football, as it should be. I respect any kind of sport, but soccer ... it is truly the king of all sports. The amount of money that is involed in this sport is insane! The sportsmen have to keep one of the strictes diets and regimes! It is really insane, that is why I really like it, and respect the soccer players. I am so addicted to this game, that I am basically checking all the scores on https://55goal.com, 24/7, and I am not kidding.
      Have to agree with you, soccer is just amazing


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        I prefer soccer. I've never really watched American football (helmetball), but I did enjoy doing the fantasy league with people from here on Discord.

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          To answer my own thread, I like Soccer better because it involves your feet a lot more in the Sport. LOL.