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Do you think any teams will benefit or be disadvantaged by Euro 2020 being delayed a year?

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  • Do you think any teams will benefit or be disadvantaged by Euro 2020 being delayed a year?

    Obviously due to covid19 Euro 2020 (football/soccer) was postponed and rescheduled for the summer of 2021.

    ​​​Which teams do you think are likely to benefit from having an extra year to prepare and which teams might suffer?

    Portugal are a team who are heavily dependent on Ronaldo, when it comes to competing with the best teams. If his performance level drops off by next summer at all, that could be a problem for them.

    England have a young squad, who could benefit from gaining extra individual experience and experience playing as a team. On the other hand, England's squad for was relatively injury-free for once this year, which might (edit: *might not) be the case next summer.

    ​​​​​​Italy I think are a team in the process of rebuilding, so maybe they could benefit from having extra time? Or do they have some experienced players whose physical decline could be a big problem for them?

    Maybe Croatia have an aging squad?
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    I think England definitely will benefit. The big teams have a chance to properly develop their young players like Spain with Ansu Fati, if he has a huge breakout season they'll be looking strong next summer.