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    I've been meaning to try and be a bit more active on the forum for a couple of weeks now, but work and managing my social life has made doing so quite the difficult task considering that once I get home I really can't be arsed to type shit.

    Either way, I'm doing this tonight, so woo! 🤮 This thread is meant for people to recommend albums based on what was previously posted or just generally what they've been enjoying/what their all time faves are.

    Let's get this show on the road! I'm going to be adding many others to this post as time goes on.

    My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)
    Spoiler Alert!

    I decided I'd start off with my favorite album of all time, that being Loveless by My Bloody Valentine who for fuck's sake are not Bullet For My Valentine. This is the seminal shoegaze album, delving into powerful noise/dream pop influences. At a first listen it may sound like Kevin Shields dropped his Fender down two flights of stairs and they landed on top of a vacuum cleaner, but everytime I listen to this record I'm able to pick up something new that's buried in the mix, which, while rough, helps in turning the whole experience into this extremely tasteful, oniric experience. While this album may sound overcomplicated it actually isn't, but the way it's layered gives the illusion that it is. Its main strength I would argue is in its elegance and simplicity. I've been quite enamoured with this project for a while now, and I think you all owe it to yourselves to give this a listen. It's absolutely mindblowing, and it's changed the way I think/feel about experiencing music.

    The highlights are the powerfully bombastic opener (da-da-da-da WREEEE WREEEEEEEE), the incredible When You Sleep, Sometimes, which feels like you're listening to the sunset while being slightly buzzed on your drink/drug of choice. I do not endorse the use of drugs, but I do find it hilarious. Every song is honestly a gem, though, between the rough edges of these blasting guitar riffs and the cryptic lyrics conveyed by Bilinda Butcher's wonderfully pillowy voices and Kevin Shield's distant, melanchonic rambling.

    I swear to god that if sirens existed in our world they'd sound exactly like Shoegaze.