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  • Favorite Decade

    What's your favorite decade for music?

    For me it's the 80s even though my favorite band Queen released their best music in the 70s. The 80s was just full of amazing music.

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    I'd say the 80s as well but everything prior to that was great too.


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      2010 onwards. I like seeing the new directions things can go in. The old genres are still around too.

      In terms of mainstream stuff I guess the 90s. It might suck having to find out about shows without the internet though, so maybe it wouldn't be my favourite scene....then again, pre-internet days had some pluses for sure and would force you out the house and make people talk to each other more.
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        While my favorite music is current, there is just too much I love from the 80s that I have to say that's my favorite decade.


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          depends on the genre
          the 2010s are great for CandyRat records which i thoroughly enjoy.
          pop of the late 90s
          rock and metal of 70s and 80s


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            70s, 80s and 90s.

            Can't choose between the three.

            There's older and newer stuff I like, though.


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              2000's tho it doesn't really matter since I'll listen to anything I like regardless of the year