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Anyone read Roadside Picnic?

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  • Anyone read Roadside Picnic?

    I forget the catalyst but lately something made me think "HOLY SHIT I NEED TO READ BOOKS"

    I've wanted to for a while but can never just find that "thing" that would draw me in, having tried a few books over the years nothing has grabbed me at all so I asked on Reddit for suggestions based on stuff I like, felt dumb for not trying that before.

    Anyway, Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.
    Instantly sounded awesome to me. Anyone read it?

    For the longest time I assumed I'd only like fantasy like swords and magic sorta stuff and then as soon as I read the description of Roadside Picnics "Holy shit, aliens!?"
    Such an obvious thing I'd be interested in, so here we are.

    For anyone who doesn't know of the book, the game series S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is heavily inspired by it and largely based on it, I think the Metro series also takes great inspiration from it.
    So naturally a lot of weird stuff happens.

    Will be getting it for Christmas so hoping to become somewhat of a book person soon after.

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    Soo...over 7 months later, I finally started reading this damn book.

    And it's a great read, I feel like my experience is greatly enhanced by having played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. since I have visuals and some internal logic to go by.
    Since I'm not much of a reader one thing that always worried me was taking forever to read a book and in like 4 sittings I'm over half way done so that's not to bad, it's not a long book though.

    Anyway the atmosphere in the book is great, there's so many weird details fed to you and it leaves a lot to the imagination because the main character doesn't explain a lot, for him he's been doing this for years so when he refers to a hunched over shadowy figure as just "that" it's damn freaky, trying to imagine just what it might do if it comes in to contact with someone.
    "Why do you and mum only have two arms, two legs, two eyes and one nose?"

    For an only 200 or so page story it's rather gripping but this is the first book I've read in many years so I am like little baby.

    Definitely worth a read if you happen to have it on a forgotten shelf somewhere.


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      Never even heard of this


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        Originally posted by Darker View Post
        Never even heard of this
        It's a pretty cool book, I only have one chapter left now. Neat little sci-fi novel.

        Lot of interesting thoughts about the nature of intelligence. I do hope there are similar books around these days.