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What comic/book are you currently reading?

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    I've been reading Dune, and it is quite interesting. The importance of various figures like the planetologist are more important, and I find particularly interesting the theme of terraforming Arrakis into a verdant green world for the people who live there. How the Fremen live and such.

    Leto Atreides is interesting in that though he sees the path, he could not truly commit to it, rather in the end relying on propaganda and trickery.

    the Harkonnans are not as cruel as you would think but know no other way to rule than by force, above them.

    But Paul is going to live among them, join into their culture, take on their name.

    And this is just glancing on them, there is so much inside this book and it is very good. To be expected from one of the greats of science fiction I suppose.

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      How do you like Science Fiction in general?


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        I would say it is a favorite of mine, it can accomplish quite a wide range of things. From focusing in theoretical technology and its ramifications society in Asimov, to focusing on dynastic politics and religion a la Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of Dune, more abstract stuff, gender expression, even just fun ideas.

        I have been reading Gideon the Ninth since finishing Children of Dune and that has been a blast. Major change from the philosophical discussions of Dune to these two people who just hate each other. Gideon herself is also a great character so far and the writing flows easily from one scene to the next, and helps gets the aesthetic of this necromancer science fantasy down.

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          How do you like Fantasy Fiction and Historical Fiction compared to Science Fiction?