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Dragon Ball In Comparison To The Big Three

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  • Dragon Ball In Comparison To The Big Three

    Do you think the big three have improved upon their predecessor?

    I think when it comes to Naruto and Bleach, it's up to debate. Both have more depth than Dragon Ball when it comes to their actual plots, but Dragon Ball has less plot holes than either of them. That's to be expected however, because Naruto and Bleach are much longer and have more to cover because of their more detailed plots.

    I think when it comes to One Piece, it's obviously superior to the other three. It's longer than both Naruto and Bleach and it has less plot holes. The plot itself is also better than either of the two. It really is the true successor to Dragon Ball. Naruto and Bleach are inspirational in their own right, but they can't compare to One Piece when it comes to carrying Dragon Ball's torch.

    So yeah, I've always been a fan of Dragon Ball, but I do prefer Naruto, Bleach, and especially One Piece to it personally. It's all boils down to personal preference so it doesn't matter to me if someone feels differently about the matter than I do.

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    Yeah the thing with Dragon Ball is Toriyama never really had a clear sight of when he wanted to end things. He sort of just planned by arc unlike Oda or Kishimoto who planned the entire series essentially. Whether that is better or not is up to opinion I'd say. Toriyama has a remarkable way of making everything make sense and avoid inconsistencies and plot holes, even though he didn't have the entire series planned. That isn't to say those are absent from the story. But I think other authors in his position would struggle far more than he did. Even though Toriyama changed his mind about many things when writing and didn't plan a grand large series from the start I think Dragon Ball is better than the big 3. My own personal opinion. I just think the plots are better. I also prefer Naruto over One Piece. Bleach is my least favorite of all of them, but I've yet to finish it. The Soul Society arcs are good and the Arrancar arcs just sort of feel like a repeat plot wise. The story is also significantly weaker. I feel Bleach has to rely on its fight scenes to get a good series across, but I feel even then it has been failing.


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      I feel like Bleach gets a lot of unnecessary criticism. Sure it's flawed, but it's no Fairy Tail.