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Favourite manga/anime fights?

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  • Favourite manga/anime fights?

    I don't think we've had this thread before, so we might as well add it to the pile

    After all, manga and anime of certain genres are pretty well known for this

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    Goku vs Cell.


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      One of my favourites is Kurama vs Kaito in Yu Yu Hakusho.

      It's just such an interesting "fight" even though there's no combat what so ever.

      Naruto vs Pain is definitely one of the greats too, so many layers to that plan and it all flows so brilliantly, though the climax is maybe a little eh.

      Chrollo vs Hisoka in the HxH manga is some insane shit. I don't suppose we'll ever see it animated but damn we can dream.


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        I love these kinds of topics, so here we go.

        Most of my favorite fights are from the Dragon Ball franchise, so I'll try to do one per series.

        1. Goku vs Jiren
        2. Goku vs Frieza
        3. Goku vs Tambourine
        4. Sakata Gintoki vs Shinsuke Takasugi
        5. Itachi vs Sasuke and Naruto vs Pain
        6. Naruto vs Gaara
        7. Roy Mustang vs Fuhrer Bradely (FMA)
        8. Yusuke Urameshi vs Younger Toguro
        9. Ippo vs Sendo- Rematch
        10. Captain Levi vs the Beast Titan- First fight specifically, but all of their fights have been good
        11. Kirito vs Gleam Eyes
        12. Guts vs Zodd- Grave of Swords

        Tried to order them, but it's hard to say if I really prefer some of them over others. It's hard to do just one per series because of series like Dragon Ball and Gintama that have so many amazing fights.


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          I'm surprised to see Goku VS Tambourine so high up, or even there


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            Originally posted by Darker View Post
            I'm surprised to see Goku VS Tambourine so high up, or even there
            Really? How come?


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              Just surprising is all, it's not usually a fight/beatdown I see brought up much.