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  • Latest Berserk Chapter Discussion

    Well, we're finally back at it again.

    Chapter 358
    Spoiler Alert!
    Another Griffith chapter, I'm not going to complain because I expected it. Maybe it's just me, but Charlotte looks younger than what she has been looking in the last few chapters. Emperor Gaiseric? Could that possibly be the Skull Knight in life? I wonder what Griffith meant at the end and it looks like he jumped out the window. Hmm.

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    This is all interesting stuff on it's own but I'm struggling to remain interested after such long waits.

    Spoiler Alert!
    Anyway due to the time displacement stuff going on with Guts and co me guess we'll see the rise of Griffith's empire happen fast but then some fucked up shit will happen and people will realize what he is, then Guts and co will come out when Griffith's hand of terror controls everyone.
    At which point because everything is going to hell some of his commanders and such will probably swap sides, unless they're under his direct control. A lot of them seem like the honourable sort so if Griffith doesn't respect that they'll surely jump ship.

    But yeah not if he can just control them, it didn't take much to make Zodd submit after all.

    And then we'll see Chad Rickert 5-10 years older, probably missing an arm or an eye, smoking, being a total badass with advanced anti-Griffith tech ready to gear Guts and co up with some cool shit.


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      Berserk is looking very interesting from 360 and onwards...