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Attack on Titan (Season 3 - Part 2)

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  • Attack on Titan (Season 3 - Part 2)

    We're already two episodes in, very good so far.

    What do you all think of it? Beware of spoilers, all you anime-only peeps.


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    It's looking a little cheap in some areas but I guess that's understandable, there's a crap ton of action in this arc so they probably had their work cut out for them here.

    No real complaints otherwise, it's been great. Even though I know exactly what happens somehow this show makes me feel tension, it's an odd feeling but it's great. Back in season 2 when Reiner and Bertholdt revealed themselves I got super excited. It's rare for an anime to feel so much better to a manga.

    But yeah some of the slightly dodgy looking animation definitely isn't as pretty as some of the manga panels, particularly when

    Spoiler Alert!
    Reiner freaking slam dunks Eren.

    Can't wait to see my girlfriends reaction to future events, she's super invested in the anime and has no idea one of her favourite characters might not have long left...

    Also holy shit, the opening this time around is a bit ridiculous. Anyone who cares about spoilers I would really just not watch it, it shows or quite blatantly alludes to almost everything that happens.


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      Probably my least favorite opening :P

      I think this'll be the best season yet tbh (even though it's technically part of Season 3, but it still makes it the best since I thought that was the best season yet already). Can't wait for a certain moment to happen that happens to be one of my favorite moments in all manga/anime.


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        Regarding what this season might include from the manga:

        Spoiler Alert!
        Episode 1 covered chapters 73 and 74.

        Episode 2 covered 75 and 76.

        If we continue like this...

        E3 - 77 / 78
        E4 - 79 / 80
        E5 - 81 / 82
        E6 - 83 / 84
        E7 - 85 / 86
        E8 - 87 / 88
        E9 - 89 / 90
        E10 - 91 / 92
        E11 - 93 / 94
        E12 - 95 / 96

        On chapter 85, we'll have the discovery of the basement and see the world outside the walls... I feel like things will be done differently, though. The season started with them finding the ocean, which would naturally occur in episode 9 since it happens in chapter 90, and that beginning was probably a glimpse of how the season will end. Maybe.

        I kinda like the opening because it's pretty much a mash up of all past openings. Though I would've reserved this kinda thing for the last season.

        and has no idea one of her favourite characters might not have long left...
        Spoiler Alert!
        Erwin? Bertholdt? I doubt it's Marlo... Or any of the many unnamed soldiers in this arc lol (with the exception of Moblit but he's kinda in the background too unfortunately)

        Can't wait for a certain moment to happen that happens to be one of my favorite moments in all manga/anime.
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          Originally posted by Darker View Post
          Manga spoilers for anyone who hasn't read:
          Spoiler Alert!
          Levi killing the titans then attacking the Beast Titan.

          Episode 3
          Spoiler Alert!
          I thought I was watching the wrong episode at first, then I remembered the intro was right so it must be a flashback. Poor Marco. I always forgets Annie exists. Man I honestly don't even remember how the fight against Bertholdt goes, just how it ends.


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            A shame about the CGI and the censorship

            Spoiler Alert!
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