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Favorite shonen main protagonists?

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  • Favorite shonen main protagonists?

    Out of all the shonens you've read, who are your favorite main characters?

    Here's my list:
    1. Son Goku: The OG. THE shonen protagonist.
    2. Monkey D. Luffy: He's so loveable. He's dumb, but when it comes to fights, he's a battle genius. One Piece is one of my favorites and Luffy is simply the best.
    3. Joseph Joestar: My favorite JoJo character, he contrasts nicely with the other shonen protagonists. Definitely was way ahead of his time.
    4. Kenshiro: Who doesn't like this dude? Definitely an iconic Manga character.
    5. Light Yagami: A main protagonist who doesn't rely on his strength and is evil?! hell yeah
    6. Senku Ishigami: Another guy who uses his brain. However, as opposed to Light and Joseph, he uses his wits not to battle but to rebuild humanity. He's a ten billion percent awesome character.
    7. Edward Elric: Another really good character from a really good manga. It's a shame he isn't a shonen jump character because he would have appeared in games like J-stars, Jump force...etc
    8. Gon Freecss: Well, more his chimera ant arc self where he becomes fixated on revenge.
    9. Tanjiro Kamado: If there's one thing you got to respect this guy for, it's his optimism. Other than that he doesn't really seem like a standout character but he's a good character on his own.
    10. Izuku Midoriya: Well, Deku's fine but in contrast to most of the other characters, he's not my favorite MHA character. Still, I love how he was an underdog and managed to climb up the ranks.

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    I don't have a definitive one but generally my list will be upper tier, middle then lower.

    1. Joseph Joestar, hilariously unconventional main character. I found him refreshing compared to most since he's not all about honour and whatnot, if shit hits the fan he will just run away and will otherwise trick folk in genius fashion. Plus he's hilarious.

    2. Shigeo Kagayama AKA Mob, brilliant character with amazing ACTUAL character development. Unlike most protagonists it doesn't take Mob 10 seasons to develop as a person and his overall ideology about how having special powers doesn't make you special is brilliant. It's really nice to see a character who actually changes as a person, in such an organic and interesting way as just being slightly more confident rather than a massive personality shift because someone died or whatever.

    3. Guts, incredibly badass protagonist that carries an insane weight on his shoulders and just nuts up and gets things done. Legendary rage modes and some quite deep personal issues, brilliant character.

    4. Kamina/Simon I'm combining these two because they go so hand in hand, fantastic protagonists. I love how their ideology is so ridiculously simple and gung-ho to the point where the fact that it makes absolutely no sense at all is entirely what makes them so powerful, to the enemies in their world they are an insane enigma and that's glorious.

    5. Monkey D. Luffy, sometimes a characters stupidity is a bit annoying but with Luffy it's pretty much his character itself, he has so many stupid but incredible moments and is always ready to take on the literal world even to protect someone he barely knows and his overall affect on the world and the characters within it is great. He isn't a protagonist who has things happen to him, he makes shit happen...good or bad. I've always enjoyed how Luffy is effectively a nonstop steam train and his crew is basically just clinging on for dear life. The series might as well be called "What Will Luffy Do Next"

    6. Rimuru Tempest, what a lovely dude. Incredibly powerful monster but his attitude towards the world around him is awesome, he takes to it like a teacher and wants to build up the place and connect people, he has quite a unique perspective on things given that he's in the body of a typically "evil" monster but he challenges that idea and the very idea monsters are evil in general by giving them a chance to show otherwise.

    7. Naofumi Iwatami, great character. Isekai characters can certainly be pretty hit and miss but Naofumi is a stand out for me, he's harsh and negative but good at heart in a world full of people who desperately want to screw him over for reasons completely out of his control, it's damn easy to see why he's so angry about it. I like the ways in which he confronts the world and how he treats his situation, it's interesting to see how the technically weakest hero uses their skills and knowledge to easily be the best one.

    8. Gintoki. brilliant MC with a lot of great life lessons to tell, also a total unapolgetic douchrbag. As self serving as he can be at times he's a very thoughtful hero who understands the struggles of the little guy and will fight against incredible odds to help them.

    Honourable mentions:

    I'm gonna cheat and put Rei and Falco from Fist of the North Star here because they're the goodest boys there ever was!

    Kenshiro belongs here for me, he's a cool protagonist but I can't help but be annoyed at him sometimes, he's so...slow? Like literally slow, when people have been captured or are otherwise in danger he comes to their aid but he sure as hell takes his time doing it. It usually works out in the end because plot but from his side of things you'd think he'd run to save folk but he just strolls up to enemy fortresses while hostages are being tortured, murdered and all sorts. He spends a bit too much time looking cool and being dramatic for me to give him a numbered spot.

    Midoriya is great but I think the series has to progress a lot further for me to decide where he goes on here if at all, given that it's a shounen with a long scope.


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      Early Goku (from before the Freeza arc) is still my favorite, tbh.

      Honorable mentions:

      - Gon. Starts off as the typical Goku-like character and ends up as weird perversion of that very same archetype. The way this character progresses and why he progresses in such a way sums up a lot of what makes Togashi the definitive Shonen Jump writer in my eyes.

      - Mob. Kudos to ONE for writing the first manga in a dog's age that almost compelled me to buy a physical copy.

      - Edward Elric. Thinking of FMA these days, it's easy to understand why I used to be such a huge fan. I still like it a lot.
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        Did top 10

        1. Goku
        2. Light Yagami
        3. Sakata Gintoki
        4. Yusuke Urameshi
        5. Tanjiro Kamada
        6. Izuku Midoriya
        7. Eren Yeager
        8. Kenichi Himura
        9. Natsu Dragneel
        10. Naruto Uzumaki
        <a href=https://66.media.tumblr.com/a778744563b75011121936a823684030/tumblr_psl1u83vEI1qgwefso5_500.gif target=_blank>https://66.media.tumblr.com/a7787445...wefso5_500.gif</a>


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          The handsome bastard in my avatar.

          Spoiler Alert!
          lol he's actually poorly written as FUCK but he reminds me of how enthusiastic i was about life at the age of 16-17. *sniff* Thank you Giorno for restoring my enthusiasm about life


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            Not in order, all of those seem pretty good main protagonists to me:

            Goku -> For not being your typical hero (mostly from the saiyan saga onwards) but just a fighting fanatic that happened to save the earth.
            Toriko -> Best main of any shounen I've read. Charismatic, badass and smart, I loved his "food centric" morals -though that was a thing for the whole Toriko universe, I really enjoyed see the author had the balls of making Toriko coherent with it-.
            Joseph Joestar -> Best JoJo main to me, I loved his part mainly because of him.
            Josuke Higashikata -> 4th JoJo is a very original main character that deviates from your typical shounen protagonist.
            Jolyne Kujo -> The 6th JoJo is a woman that's written like a woman and not just a man with the body of a woman, and still one of my most favourite JoJos just behind part 2 Joseph.
            Hanamichi Sakuragi -> Very charismatic and fun.
            Light Yagami -> Smart and charismatic.

            Honorable mentions:

            Naruto -> As a kid he was your typical shounen protagonist with a trauma and as an adult he evolved to be boring and trying to solve conflicts without violence. And while those are not good traits for a shounen protagonist I at least recognise the merit on making him evolve in a fairly coherent way. I wouldn't rank him in the top shounen protagonists because he lacks charisma and I find him a tad boring but he surely stands out in my opinion.

            Luffy -> Very funny and really worthy of being in the top if he was a bit more consistent in his writting.

            Yusuke Urameshi -> I like him more than Gon Freaks from HxH, but I think he lacks a bit in terms of being distinctive enough to most other shounen mains to be in the top.

            Should never be on a list like that:

            Ichigo Kurosaki -> The worst written and boring main protagonist of any shounen I've read. Yeah, he shouldn't even be mentioned, but he is so bad that fuck him.