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Rate the last anime/manga you finished out of 10

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    Kimetsu no Yaiba- 8.7/10

    All caught up with this series. Pretty solid and really enjoying it. Hopefully it continues for a long time but it may be in one of its last arcs.


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      After 2 months of on and off reading, I have finally finished the behemoth known as Naruto

      Since it's split into two parts, I'll give a separate rating for them:

      Naruto: Part 1 - 8/10

      Cozy manga about ninja. The fights were pretty solid, especially in the first few arcs, such as Land of waves and Chunin exams. The third arc was also good, Orochimaru's attack on Konoha but it was then I felt it had decreased in quality a little bit, but nonetheless, it was enjoyable. If anything, it did manage to stay within a consistent level.

      Naruto: Part 2 - 8.25/10

      The second part and the meat of the manga. I'm not sure if I prefer this part or the first one, because whereas the first part managed to remain consistent in quality, I felt part 2 had too many ups and downs. You had really good parts such as Pain's invasion(Which is imo the best Naruto arc, yes, even better than Chunin exams) but most of the part, not going to lie, was a slog. Especially the war, it had too many ups and downs. Still, the best fight of it, they easily eclipse those of part 1.

      Overall rating would be around 8.25/10, the same as part 2. Overall, Naruto is a pretty solid manga, It has a lot of dull moments, but, there are also good parts. The characters have good personality, they also develop as the manga continues, the fights, are great, and the worldbuilding isn't too bad. I wouldn't put it on the same level as One Piece, but, if you're looking for a long running, manga with decent fights, Naruto is for you.


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        Attack on Titan. 7/10.

        Positives: Great animation and vocal performances. Really interesting story. The titans are very scary.

        Negatives: Some flash back scenes felt like filler. There is also a lot of introspection and self reflection going on throughout every episode. Not always a bad thing but it seemed like filler sometimes and it was quite melodramatic. Sometimes I felt my self thinking alright already get on with the episode.
        Spoiler Alert!
        In the final season I thought that beast titan was taken down too easily, bad ass as Levi is. He didn't put up any kind of fight against him despite being war chief of these frightening monsters.



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          Attack on Titan, definitely a 9.5/10. Brilliant anime.
          Brother! Your crusade IS OVER!!



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            JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind- 7/10


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              Originally posted by Greeny View Post
              JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind- 7/10
              You are wrong.


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                Toriko 10/10
                JoJo: Pt. 7: 9.5/10, Pts. 2,5,6: 9/10, Pt 4: 8/10, Pt 3: 7/10, Pt 1: 6,5/10
                Akira: 7/10
                Naruto: 8/10
                Bleach: 3/10
                Fairy Tail: 1/10
                Strongest disciple Kenichi: 3/10


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                  Since the manga has ended for Kimetsu no Yaiba- 8.7/10. Pretty good series and it was a fun ride. There were different directions I wanted the series to take when it got near the end, but it's over and still ended well. While the last arc (which is technically two arcs I guess) is pretty long, I felt it was a little bit rushed tbh. Which might sound weird, because I could see people thinking the final fights dragged a bit, which they did and that was kind of the point with the final battle. But I mostly was just hoping it wouldn't end here.