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Rate the last anime/manga you finished out of 10

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    I've finished a couple of anime ever since I last posted so here's my rankings:

    Death Note - 9/10
    I really liked it for the most part, especially when it focused on L outgambing Kira and vice versa. Part 2 is also good, with the new cast like Mello, Near...etc. The last episodes were glorious.
    What I didn't like is the company arc, It's good, but when it appeared just out of nowhere in the middle of L vs Kira it made the show very jarring. I didn't like that part as much as the others.

    Code Geass - 8.5/10
    Not a fan of Mecha anime, but oh boy, Code Geass managed to be an exception. Let me start with the obvious thing: Character designs. It didn't bother when I really started watching the show, but it feels weird to see the characters so skinny. In a manga it might work but when they're animated it's just ugh

    Then again, I got used to it after a couple of episodes.

    Fullmetal Alchemist 8.75/10
    An anime which managed to get in my top tens. It's boring at first, but when you reach the 15 or 20 episode threshold things start to get interesting. The battles are also good.

    Vinland Saga 9.5/10

    This manga is a masterpiece. Aside from Dragon Ball(which holds a special heart in my heart) this is perhaps my favorite manga. The setting is nice, the plot is good, the art starts to get great but its forte is character development, and boi, is it the best I have ever seen in a manga.

    The main character goes through different cycles, like each arc he becomes a different person, but the way the show delivers it leaves you speechless. The cast also receives plenty of it. One downside is the farm arc, of course, I did like it, but reading about it online I can see why people dropped the manga during it. Even myself at times was bored with it, but all in all, when you read back on it, you find yourself in for a treat.

    The other downside is the lack of supernatural stuff. Again, it's not a bad thing, but I would have loved to see some monsters roaming around like Berserk. But eh, The series is grounded and that's fine too.

    This manga is severely underrated and I hope the anime does it justice.


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      Hinamatsuri, 8.5 out of 10.

      Great show, has a fantastic sense of humour and energy to it, feels a lot like Gintama that way. The animation and soundtrack in it are great as are the characters and it even has weirdly amazing emotional moments for a dumb comedy series.

      It's one of those anime where you can just feel that they had fun making it. There's lots of subtle changes to the OP and ED that tie in with bits of the story, most of which are pretty damn hilarious.
      Well worth a watch.


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        Attack on Titan - 8.5/10

        Quite to say, it was a trip. I felt it did drag on some bit, but otherwise, it was good. The worldbuilding is insane, especially in season 2 and 3. What I didn't like is the characters suddenly changing back and forth, but I guess it's better than them not showing any signs of development.


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          All caught up with Black Clover so here's my rating for it so far.

          Black Clover- 8.8/10

          Definitely has become one of my favorite series. Definitely is heavily underrated.


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            Originally posted by Greeny View Post
            All caught up with Black Clover so here's my rating for it so far.

            Black Clover- 8.8/10

            Definitely has become one of my favorite series. Definitely is heavily underrated.
            I have heard a lot of, I guess you could say, bad things or okay things about it, like "It's decent" but yours was the first positive review I've seen of it. It might be underrated as you say.

            I did hear that one of its positive was that the pace is nice. Is this true? I'm considering reading it.


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              Originally posted by Vitalista View Post

              I have heard a lot of, I guess you could say, bad things or okay things about it, like "It's decent" but yours was the first positive review I've seen of it. It might be underrated as you say.

              I did hear that one of its positive was that the pace is nice. Is this true? I'm considering reading it.
              Yeah, the pace is good. One thing about it that actually bothers me is that there isn't a whole lot of time for characters to just relax together and do something other than fighting. It's kind of back to back fighting each arc. Not that every single arc is fighting, but most are. There's just some filler stuff there I wish existed. But I think each arc has a pretty good pace and it had a set up for the current arc which is very long, but doesn't feel like "Seriously, this still needs to end." You also usually feel pretty satisfied at the end of arcs, it isn't a quick win, but at the same time it doesn't drag. There's a lot more I'd like to see from the series, but it clearly has a long ways to go. I'd say it's only around 1/4 of the way finished since the author said it could go as long as Naruto or One Piece. (Obviously One Piece isn't finished and will probably go on for another 700 chapters, so the author I'm sure never took that into account when he said this.)

              Anyways, I think Black Clover and My Hero Academia are definitely those two Shonen series I've definitely been waiting for. They're good successors.


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                I've caught up with Dr. Stone - 8.5/10

                The premise is interesting. Humanity gets petrified and after thousands of years, a high-schooler that is pretty much science in person gets depetrified and starts making the world from scratch. It's interesting to see him trying to rebuild modern stuff, or trying to cure illnesses. Also I learned some science facts thanks to it so there's a plus

                Def hyped for the anime.


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                  Sword Art Online: Alicization (Part 1)- 9/10

                  Really good comeback for the series and definitely surpasses SAO II. Overall I'd say it's on par with SAO, if not better. The Aincrad arc however is still the best. I look forward to the second part of Alicization.


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                    Monster - 8.75/10

                    This anime has excellent world building and character development. The characters, at least the ones that stay for more than a couple of episodes, are really well written, each one of them has their faults which make them really interesting. The plot is also intriguing and makes you want to see more.

                    But, I'm going to come around and say this, This show has the worst and slowest pacing I have ever seen. An episode feels like two or three instead of one.

                    By no means it's a bad thing, but for someone like me who likes fast paced series in general, it's a minus from me. However, for something like Monster, a slow pacing is better as it needs to flesh out the cast and lay out more and more mysteries, forcing the reader/watcher to think through. It could have still been ten to twenty episodes shorter though.

                    If I had to compare this to Death Note or Code Geass(since Monster is usually compared to them), I'd say that in both world building and mysteries, Monster beats them both. It's that I prefer the other series for their faster pace.

                    I also want to say that Johan is a piece of crap, but I love him
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                      Just finished Kimetsu no Yaiba - 8.75/10

                      This shonen is quite something. Gory and violent, I love it. The characters aren't too bad, The plot is decent enough but the fights are awesome. This manga is like a mix of Attack on Titan and Berserk but with demons instead and it works, surprisingly.

                      My only complaint is that the arc is somewhat unrefined. Again, it's not a bad thing and kind of add a charms to it. Also, the anime fixes this so...Speaking about the anime, It'll be something I'll follow. So far the two episodes have been really, really good and they haven't gotten to the good parts yet.


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                        Fist of the North Star, my true rating would probably be a 7 b-NANI!!!???
                        HOKUTO: SOARING NOSTALGIA STRIKE!!
                        You already rated
                        *explodes in an awful gory but weirdly censored mess* 10/10!!

                        Overall a great series, I had immense fun watching it...for the most part, I feel like the manga is probably a way better experience but I couldn't pull myself away from the cheesy sound effects, music and ATATATATATATATATATATATATA-WATAAA!'s, it's great fun as a nostalgia watch. I can only imagine how much I'd have enjoyed it as a kid, same as DBZ back in the day.

                        The anime experience kinda drags at times though, it didn't feel like it should have been 152 episodes long(though I skipped filler) a lot of the time it felt like the plot was going nowhere and the plot itself I feel was a bit too morbid. It's said early on that tragedy will follow the North Star but it gets to the point where every time a cool new character appears you know they'll be killed off anyway. Didn't like that. So many of them deserved happy endings or just died needlessly.


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                          All caught up with Black Clover - 8.25/10

                          This manga is a decent read if you want a shonen that's not too simple nor too complex. However, the first two arcs are terribly bland and it only comes out of its own by the time the third one rolls out. This isn't really a big issue since the manga has formidable pacing and moves on quickly. The battles are also good, especially the ones where the black bulls have to team up to take down their enemies. The last two arcs or so are really, really good. Especially the current one.

                          Let me say that Asta...Will, he is by no means a bad character but he's really, really bland. He's the embodiment of the average shonen hero: Happy-go lucky, gets angry when others are hurt, optimist and hopeful, never gives up... Those aren't bad traits but they're overdone. He doesn't really have something that stands out from the other protagonists.

                          The side cast, on the other hand, is a solid one. You have great characters like Yami, Yuno, Luck...etc which, frankly, eclipses Asta.

                          Anyways, if you don't expect something on the level of Hunter x Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Jojo and those other great shows...You would have an enjoyable time reading Black Clover.


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                            Gundam AGE - 6.5/10.
                            Not the worst Gundam anime I've seen, but felt weak for the most part, even though the series essentially spanning over 100 years and three generations of main characters did seem like a neat idea. The 1st generation story arc was meh, I really enjoyed the 2nd generation story arc the most, but aspects of 3rd generation started getting a bit ridiculous for my liking, and it seemed like they weren't able to wrap up certain elements in a satisfying way at that point.
                            I've heard the AGE series of Gundam kits are really good, though that doesn't have any bearing on the anime itself. 6.5/10.


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                              Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection- 9.2/10
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                                Finished Bleach (Part 1) yesterday - 8.25/10

                                Good battle shonen. It starts off slow and decent but once they get into Soul Society, which I find to be the peak of the show, it turns into a really, really good show. After that it decreases in story quality but in exchange, the battles become much, much better. The world is also fleshed out more, with the introduction of new races such as Visored and Arrancar.

                                What I don't like about the show is the cycle Ichigo has. Again, I don't dislike him or anything, I think he's a solid protagonist, but the way he gets depressed and moody each arc is kind of annoying. It's like he doesn't show any sign of character development. I also don't like how he sometimes get powers out of nowhere or always in the same way(Fighting against Zengetsu in his inner world). There's also some little flaws but all in all, if you like battle shonens, then Bleach is for you.