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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan Discussion Thread)

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    Spoiler Alert!
    Can you imagine Eren's consciousness gets divided among all those Colossals in the walls, thousands of angry angsty Colossal Titans...

    Yeah that was just strange I dunno if Zeke could have directed Falco there or maybe Titans just love the smell of fresh blood or something? I do hope there's a clear reason for it anyway. Normally they don't seem to change focus from what they're doing to go attack other people but Reiner is technically a Titan.

    I don't hate her as much just annoys me it took her so long to realize. Even a child her age should learn surely.

    Can't predict where the story goes here at all really, the Rumbling is presented as some sort of end to this conflict but I don't see how, nobody would be able to go to Paradise again but what happens when they invent nukes and whatnot? I doubt the world would just leave them alone and unless these Titans float they surely can't cross the water to take over the world.

    The ending that seems like it would tie everything up most favourably would be everyones memories being altered to completely forget about Titans/Eldians.

    Oops I totally tagged this wrong...
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      Assuming the Founding Titan's power can affect Marleyans, something they've never explained I don't think. Only Eldians can turn into Titans, after all, so the Marleyans are probably fine, unfortunately.

      Then again, Attack on Titan likes to throw around plot points, then toy with them and later reveal the truth about them, but like Kruger once said, there is no truth in this world.

      Still hoping the Devil is an actual creature, though.


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        Yeah we still haven't really seen much of the memory thing so it's hard to tell if it really only applies to Eldians, I guess that makes sense sure but it's certainly one option.

        Maybe Eren will stack all the Colossal Titans on top of each other and then they'll all just go live on the moon.


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          Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if that happened, just look at all the shit going on right now...

          I swear with every chapter more questions are added to the resumé and even less get answers.


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            Recent chapter
            Spoiler Alert!
            Kind of a funny chapter. Eren: "Aha, I got you all along." Zeke: "Oh yeah, saw that coming. Our Dad is a douche." Eren: "That's what you think." Zeke: "What the?"


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              I'm getting feels of this going to be one of "those" series, with a massively weird nonsensical ending a la Evangelion.

              Not that I'm not enjoying this.

              Spoiler Alert!
              Poor Zeke getting bamboozled after sitting there for God knows how many years sure of his ideals.

              Not sure entirely where this is going but clearly Eren is getting the upper hand.
              I'm guessing eventually Eren is either going to be restored or he'll just get Zeke's body, story wise Zeke has had far too many chances, far too many near death moments and his whole goal is entirely wrong.

              Wonder who enslaved Ymir, why and how? That is rather odd.


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                Well...shit, that's a twist.

                Spoiler Alert!
                So Eren was actually somewhat of a villain the whole time depending on how you look at it. Damn. That's pretty awesome. Given how bloodthirsty he always was, it was kind of hard to really see him as the hero. Or at least, not quite the good guy.

                Still, what's his ultimate game though. It would be nice if the true twist was that he saw his child in a peaceful world and that this is the price he has to pay to get the happiest ending for everyone.
                Trippy stuff


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                  Trippy stuff indeed


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                    Ohhhh it's happenin'!

                    Spoiler Alert!
                    Loving the giant skeleton Titan stuff, Ymir's Titan looks rad. Was that a freaking alien thing that gave her the power? I wonder if we'll get an explanation for that or if it's just going to be a "Yeah it's whatever" sort of a thing lol.

                    That king dude was a total douche good lord. I wonder what made Ymir just blindly obey everyone? Perhaps there's some weirdness there, like how the Ackerman's exist to obey the royal family or whatever it was Eren explained.
                    My guess would be that it's set up so the Ackerman's can beat the Coordinate if they ever get out of control, so Mikasa is going to have to wipe Eren out to stop all those Colossi.

                    That or Levi swoops in with his missing parts, fucks Reiner up, steals the Armoured Titan and becomes the most gloriously OP character in the series but...doubtful.

                    Imagine how crazy that scene is for all the other characters, Eren's head pops off and then instantly a giant skull and spine pop out of it.


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                      Spoiler Alert!
                      Insert Pillar Men theme here, as the Colossal Titans pop out of the walls

                      I think the tree was supposed to represent Yggdrasil, considering how much Norse (and Greek) Mythology stuff there is in Attack on Titan. It could also be the Devil in some shape or form... I'm still holding onto that idea, though I don't think we'll get there anytime soon. It was probably just part of the legend after all.

                      Ymir's Titan Form is kinda missing the claws that you'd expect from something with the Jaw Titan in it. Maybe they'll correct that in the anime.

                      I don't know what to expect anymore, though I feel like Eren is about to mop the floor with everything that stands in his way. His army is virtually undefeatable, considering a single Colossal Titan was already close to invincible.


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                        Spoiler Alert!
                        Yeeeeah there's basically no hope of anybody there surviving. I don't think they'd be powerful enough to take out the whole world considering they've got artillery and whatnot but everyone in the immediate area is utterly boned until some plot happens.

                        I guess it's up to Armin to hold him down and for Mikasa to cut his spinal cord, killing that original alien/devil or whatever the heck it is. That's the only logical way for them to win unless this is going to go full Devilman and end with everyone and everything being screwed.


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                          I don't think this will end with everyone dying, since that was the original ending for AoT that Ishiyama scrapped, who wanted to do something akin to The Mist's ending.

                          However, given how things are going, there's still gonna be a lot of death, and I'm not sure Armin will be able to do enough, if anything.


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                            Hard to tell what Armin can do, since the Colossal Titan is still a good bit taller than the...Wall Titans? Ima call them Wall Titans. It'll be interesting to see what Armin's brain can do with actual power. He at least managed to take out a heap of battleships despite the size and slow speed of the Colossal.

                            I wonder if Eren releasing all the Titans and having an element of control over them could have made Annie wake up? Her agility and combat skills would be most helpful here. Willing to bet she could somehow hear everything that's been said to her making her able to pick a side easy.