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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan Discussion Thread)

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    Spoiler Alert!
    Can you imagine Eren's consciousness gets divided among all those Colossals in the walls, thousands of angry angsty Colossal Titans...

    Yeah that was just strange I dunno if Zeke could have directed Falco there or maybe Titans just love the smell of fresh blood or something? I do hope there's a clear reason for it anyway. Normally they don't seem to change focus from what they're doing to go attack other people but Reiner is technically a Titan.

    I don't hate her as much just annoys me it took her so long to realize. Even a child her age should learn surely.

    Can't predict where the story goes here at all really, the Rumbling is presented as some sort of end to this conflict but I don't see how, nobody would be able to go to Paradise again but what happens when they invent nukes and whatnot? I doubt the world would just leave them alone and unless these Titans float they surely can't cross the water to take over the world.

    The ending that seems like it would tie everything up most favourably would be everyones memories being altered to completely forget about Titans/Eldians.

    Oops I totally tagged this wrong...
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      Assuming the Founding Titan's power can affect Marleyans, something they've never explained I don't think. Only Eldians can turn into Titans, after all, so the Marleyans are probably fine, unfortunately.

      Then again, Attack on Titan likes to throw around plot points, then toy with them and later reveal the truth about them, but like Kruger once said, there is no truth in this world.

      Still hoping the Devil is an actual creature, though.
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        Yeah we still haven't really seen much of the memory thing so it's hard to tell if it really only applies to Eldians, I guess that makes sense sure but it's certainly one option.

        Maybe Eren will stack all the Colossal Titans on top of each other and then they'll all just go live on the moon.