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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan Discussion Thread)

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    Originally posted by Steve View Post
    Spoiler Alert!
    As for the whole think of Ymir's line ending and there being no more Titans every again, I do have to wonder exactly how that works. If a Shifter dies and never gets eaten...is their power really just gone forever? That seems off to me.
    Makes me wonder if there's much more to it than just having Eldian blood, would Titan's really disappear? Maybe once they return to the Earth they reincarnate later or something.
    Why bother with Royal families and such if you could just wipe them all out and be done with it.
    iirc, if you kill a shifter without eating the host, the power randomly goes to someone else.



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      It does? Huh I don't remember that at all, seems like it should be a bigger deal.

      So Annie is surely going to come in to play sometime soon, I wonder who's side she'll end up on? Wouldn't be surprised if she could have taken in some information while in that crystal, I forget what Armin was doing down there but maybe he theorized that and gave her enough information to make her either switch sides anyway or be massively in doubt of her previous allegiance.

      I can picture Reiner finally getting a one up on Eren only for there to be an unknown Titan transformation and NANI THE FUCK she smacks him one. Not entirely sure why she would but yeah.