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The Rising of the Shield Hero

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  • The Rising of the Shield Hero

    Anyone watched this yet? Came out on Sunday I believe.

    We watched the first episode and...it's pretty damn good so far, the first episode is around 40 minutes long which is actually pretty brilliant I thought, it's a great amount of time to introduce the series well.

    Anyway yeah, it's yet another isekai anime but this one in particular I've seen soooo many people say is way better than most, I've seen the manga pop up on sites from time to time but never really bothered to check it out.
    The visuals are nice and crisp and the voicework is Japanese voice work so obviously it's pretty decent, a few familiar voices here and there.

    The story set up is pretty generic.

    Prophecy of an apocalypse, people summoned from other worlds to be the heroes that save the day, yadda yadda.
    Sword, Spear, Bow and Shield, obviously our main guy is the Shield...the laughing stock of the four heroes.

    From there on it goes in pretty different directions to usual though which I'm guessing is why people like it. The main character is pretty cool, he's not some perfect ultimately skilled do-gooder but he's not a ridiculously edgy angry boi either, he's a good character so far.

    First episode is entirely set up and exposition but it was fairly awesome, looking forward to see what comes next.

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    Seems pretty good. MC is likeable and I hear good things about his companion that we'll see next episode. Animation was consistent and hopefully it stays that way.



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      Yeah so far it's shaping up to be one of the better Isekai anyway, it's a pretty tired genre by now but there are still some great ones.
      Guessing it'll be like 80 years before we see an ending to the anime though...


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        Nani? I didn't realize the first episode already came out. I'll definitely check it out as it's on my to watch list and I'm currently following the manga.


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          Isekai is definitely done a lot but its a good genre so I'm fine with it being popular. First episode aired last saturday, Greeny.



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            Man, they're doing a great job of adapting this.


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              Apparently episode 2 is out on the 16th and it's to be a 25 episode season, nice. The 2018 portion of this winter anime season was terrible for the most part.
              Between this, Mob Psycho and The Promised Neverland we're doing good this year already.