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Favorite Shonen Main Antagonists

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  • Favorite Shonen Main Antagonists

    Thread to contrast the Shonen Main Protagonists thread.

    1. Crocodile
    2. Doflamingo
    3. Father
    4. Nagato
    5. Itachi
    6. Freeza
    7. Cell
    8. Naraku
    9. Aizen
    10. Yhwach

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    I think the best one of all time for me was Aizen. The Soul Society arc is probably the best individual arc of manga for me of all time. Bleach wouldn't be a top 10 series for me though because it got really bad..

    Aizen came out of nowhere in the series to be the mastermind and it was well done. I was way too into Ichigo saving Rukia to think of the bigger picture while watching/reading and I was surprised but really enjoyed it. He was so good he had to come back in the end of the manga as well.


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      Aizen was actually a very good antagonist in the Soul Society, Arrancar, and Hueco Mundo Arcs. In the Fake Karakura Town Arc, he became obnoxious at times, however.

      I actually think Bleach was a good series until Fake Karakura Town in general. Substitute Shinigami and Soul Society are both great and classic Manga Arcs, and Arrancar and Hueco Mundo are actually good Manga Arcs as well, I actually don't understand the criticism they get other than them being a repeat of Substitute Shinigami and Soul Society respectively in plot.


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        I will never forgive the mandala for the FullBringer Arc. They downgraded every aspect of the series and it completely jacked how people were supposed to view the "Power Levels" of the characters.


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          If Kubo didn't write in the Fullbring Arc and just skipped to the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, Bleach would be far more popular than it is today.


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            Agreed. The other problem was that Kubo didn't divide his panels well. Because of this the anime caught up to the manga so fast (oh and he was sick every other week so the manga was delayed constantly). He was top notch at 1 page character designs but he didn't move the story along at all. I'm still convinced he made Hueco Mundo the way it was so he didn't have to do backgrounds at all.


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              Yeah, not making detailed backgrounds because he wanted us to focus on the fights was just a cop out.


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                I'm surprised Light hasn't come up yet even if he is more of an anti-hero. He was a very interesting character and people actually debated in real life about whether he was right to do what he did in the beginning.


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                  Light was a very good character in Part I, but in Part II, he regressed so much it was painful to watch or read.


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                    Originally posted by Big Green Uncle 2 View Post
                    Light was a very good character in Part I, but in Part II, he regressed so much it was painful to watch or read.
                    It's kind of funny that you mention that but if you ever read or watch Bakuman (which is the same mangakas) it sort of tells the story of how they regret extending it and did pull the plug on the series despite Shounen wanting them to continue.