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Why Shaggy is Stronger than Goku

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  • Why Shaggy is Stronger than Goku

    first off, if I messed anything up, which I probably did, pls don't freak out. just tell me.

    In Scooby Doo, there is a character named Shaggy. This Character is in the show is afraid of everything, but in one Scooby Doo scene, It raises the question if Shaggy really is the weak coward we make him out to be. In Scooby Doo: Legend of the Phantosaur, Shaggy gets hypnotized so whenever he heard the word “bad” he would become fearless. This comes into play later, when Shaggy accidentally launches food at a member of a biker gang. The member of the gang grabs shaggy by the shirt and says, “buddy, this is gonna be bad.” Shaggy then becomes fearless and beats up the entire biker gang of around twenty people, while taunting them the whole time. This scene became a meme for a little while, after someone uploaded the video on youtube with music and effects from a TV show called Dragon Ball Z. This meme made me wonder if Shaggy could be stronger than the main character in the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku. Goku is often regarded as a way overpowered character, to the point where it’s not even fair, but I believe that Shaggy is stronger, and I have found evidence to prove it.

    There are many instances in the Scooby Doo Franchise in which Shaggy gives us a glimpse of his power. Since starting this, I have watched well over fifteen hours of Scooby Doo, while holding a notepad, and taking notes. So here are a few of these situations: In Scooby Doo: Legend of the Phantosaur, Shaggy screams for three hours straight without taking a breath. In many Scooby Doo episodes, Shaggy will carry the entire Scooby Doo Gang and outrun monsters. Scooby weighs 70 lbs, Fred weighs 185, Daphne weighs 115, and velma weighs 95 lbs, so in total, Shaggy is carrying 465 lbs and running. Shaggy can also outrun Scooby, who is a Great Dane. The average running speed of a Great Dane is thirty miles per hour. For comparison, the fastest speed a human has ever run is twenty eight miles per hour, and Shaggy is running 30+ miles per hour. In Mystery Incorporated, there is an episode in which Shaggy picks up and throws a car. The average Sedan weighs 3351 lbs, and he just threw it (pretty fast too). In Legend of the Phantosaur, Shaggy jumps from a bunch of falling rocks and gains vertical distance. In The Film Theorists’ video “What is Ultra Shaggy’s TRUE Power Level?”, He breaks down this scene and discovers that Shaggy is exerting 1220 lbs of force in this scene, far more force than any normal human can exert.

    In the Dragon Ball universe, certain characters strength is measured by something called “power level.” The creator’s stated that the average human’s power level is usually under ten. Goku’s power level starts out reasonable enough at ten, but through the series he gets training and experience and gets crazy powerful, having his power level reaching 64 quintillion at one point. Another thing to take into account here, is that Goku is not a human, he is a Saiyan, a kind of extraterrestrial humanoid. I used many different sources of estimating power level, and I averaged them out. Shaggy’s power level is at 32.6. Now, that might not seem impressive, but keep in mind that this is Shaggy’s power level with absolutely no training. When you compare that to Goku without training, you see that Shaggy is a little over three times as strong as Goku was without training. When Goku went through training, and released his full power, his power level had multiplied by 6.4 quintillion. If Shaggy went through the same training, then his power level could potentially reach 208.4 quintillion, which nearly quadruples Goku’s 64 quintillion.

    With all these facts on the table, it is clear to see that Shaggy has more potential than Goku did. Shaggy can do way more impressive things than Goku did without training. If Shaggy were to train like Goku did, then he would easily overtake Goku.
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    Add Scooby. You're fucked Goku and Z fighters.