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Time to destroy the Daizenshuu PowerLevels part 1: The Saiyan Saga

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  • Time to destroy the Daizenshuu PowerLevels part 1: The Saiyan Saga

    Dragon Ball is famous for a lot of things, but one concept that it popularized was that of the "power levels".
    Since they were introduced in the Saiyan saga Toriyama made them the center of the fights he wrote, and even if after the Namek saga he didn't give us concrete numbers, he still played by the same rules that were introduced back there.

    The problem is... Toriyama was a good writter, or at least, much better than what the usual shounen manga author tends to be and much, much better than the writters at Toei, who never managed to understand even the most basic ideas that Toriyama played with.

    So Shueshia realized that tons of money could be made by publishing the Daizenshuu, guides that would explain the DB manga to the fans, but weren't able (or didn't care) to find someone that actually understood Toriyama's work, and so they destroyed Toriyama's work with awful guides that, like the anime filler, didn't understand the manga.

    I'm going to focus my critique in the "power level" section of the Daizenshuu vol. 4, four pages full of errors that followed the logic of the anime and not the one of the manga and thus brought lot's of DB fans to have the wrong idea about the series.

    With the introduction having been made, let's start discussing what's wrong:

    Raditz 1500: This one is extremely retarded, and I can't even understand how someone thought of that number. For what I've read, there's an interview with Toriyama stating that Raditz was a bit stronger than a Saibaman, and that he would've won a fight against one of them even if with difficulties, and so the author of the guide thought that 1500 was above 1200 but close enough to it.
    Fatal error considering that Gohan with a power of 1309 nearly 1-Hit Koed him and Piccolo could've killed him with his 1330 attack. So even when such evidences are there to estimate Raditz's power, the guide manages to get it wrong.

    Nappa 4000: Another example of the guide being very wrong. Nappa may have had the equivalent of 4000 of strength while fighting the z-warriors or in his first round against Goku. But after Vegeta asks him to calm down he manages to fight Goku at nearly the same level, and that was after having been injured by the z-warriors and Goku's initial stomp.
    If after having been weakened he still managed to fight Goku, and Goku was over 8000, it's pretty obvious that Nappa can't possibly be 4000. He was at least 8000 when he fought Goku, probably even more considering he matched Goku in speed and strength but had much, much more durability (even Goku is surprised by that), and if we estimate the power of a fresh Nappa, it could very well be 10,000 or even 12,000.
    But 4,000? That's bullshit.

    Goku KKx4 32.000: If the guide referred to a fresh Goku activating the KKx4 before starting to fight, then that would be right. But the guide refers to Goku in his fight with Vegeta, and in his fight with Vegeta Goku only activated the KKx4 after having already destroyed his body with the KKx3 and having taken a bit of damage from Vegeta.
    That Goku didn't had 8000 of power when he used the KKx4, it probably had 4000 of power at the very best or even less, and that's the power the KK multiplied and not the 8000 he had at the beginning of the fight.
    In DB a character loses strength when he is injured, that's a rule that Toriyama respects until the Bu saga and that the author of that guide never understood.