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Gero's Calculations Prove Super Saiyan is not 50x

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  • Gero's Calculations Prove Super Saiyan is not 50x

    Hey everyone, as I have been working on power scaling the Androids Saga, I have stumbled across an interesting situation. I have found that we have source material proof that Super Saiyan is potentially not a 50x boost.

    So Gero makes many calculations, some of which are wrong. However, Gero's uncontradicted claims should be true.

    For example...

    Gero claims Yamcha to be a good source of power.
    Gero is able to read that Piccolo > Gohan > Humans
    Gero is also able to read 19 Post Kamehameha > Sick Goku (weakened Post Kamehameha)
    Gero reads 20 > SSJ Vegeta (Post Android 19 Drain)

    I have always just dismissed a lot of Gero's claims and just kind of made up my own logic behind it as we usually do for this situation, but it doesn't appear to be the best way.

    Gero's readings seem to only get wonky once the Super Saiyan powers goes above his own power. When the powers greatly exceed the calculated limits, it seems Gero's scouter essentially busts and gives out a false reading.

    So if Gero's calculations are true, except for when they exceed his power, we have quite the interesting situation developing.

    If Super Saiyan is a 50x boost and Yamcha is below the Base Saiyans, how can he be a good source of power?

    Super Saiyan Goku 150
    Base Goku 3
    Yamcha 1

    Just ballparking it.

    Say Gero is a 100 on this scale, do you think Yamcha increasing Gero's power from 100 to 101 is going to be good enough to warrant the idea that Yamcha is a power worth absorbing?

    No, I don't think so.

    Super Saiyan Goku 150
    Gero Post Yamcha 105
    Gero 100
    Base Goku 15
    Yamcha 5

    With a 10x boost, I think this is far more reasonable. Gero brings Yamcha from 100 to 105, which might be enough to warrant the claim that Yamcha is a good source of power.

    Ok, but the Yamcha situation is truly not that big of a deal, so we will move on. This will all add up step by step as we go on.

    Alright, so now we have to get into what does Gero expect of himself and of Vegeta?

    Gero thinks that he has no chance against Vegeta, so he intends to go back to the lab. However, he sees Piccolo and the Z fighters out in the open, ripe for the taking.

    Gero does some calculations and confirms to himself that if he absorbs Piccolo, Gohan, Kuririn, and Tien, he can exceed Vegeta's power. Gero says this with a ton of confidence and it's clear he will be Vegeta's superior.

    Let's see how that would work for a 50x boost.

    Super Saiyan Vegeta 250
    Gero (Post Vegeta's Blast) 200
    Base Vegeta 5
    Piccolo 4
    Gohan 3
    Kuririn 2
    Tien 1.5

    This would lead to Gero (Plus Z Fighters) = 210.5, which is nowhere near Super Saiyan Vegeta's power level of 250. Gero gained 10.5 power in power level from absorbing the Z fighters, so I could make Gero (Post Vegeta's Blast) at 245 or so which would allow Gero (Post Z Fighters) to surpass Vegeta, but that would break the power chain that Gero is not in Vegeta's world prior to the absorption and that he should be a good deal superior post.

    Remember, the power chain Gero provides us with is this...

    Gero - Is not rivaling Vegeta, wants to run back to the lab, nothing to suggest he has any chance against Vegeta at the moment.

    Gero Post Z Fighters - Does not want to run, wants to engage Vegeta and claims that Vegeta is his for the taking, this should suggest this version of Gero surpasses Vegeta.

    And before you say Gero's calculations of everything is bunk, remember, Vegeta has to think about it for a little when Piccolo asks to fight Gero. Gero's power is getting to a point where absorbing any more significant energy could start to be potentially dangerous. Now Vegeta ends up allowing Piccolo to do so anyway, but the fact that he had to think about it even for a second speaks volumes and adds weight to Gero's claims. Vegeta contradicts his total claim, but it doesn't change the idea that Gero will be improving significantly, which is impossible with a 50x Super Saiyan boost.

    So with a 10x boost, let's see what that looks like.

    Super Saiyan Vegeta 250
    Gero 200
    Base Vegeta 25
    Piccolo 20
    Gohan 15
    Kuririn 12
    Tien 10

    Ok, so this seems far more reasonable.

    Gero (Post Z-Fighters) ends up being 257. Which allows him to actually exceed Vegeta. So mathematically we can see where Gero was going with this.

    Now there's a lot to unpack here and I'll be here to answer any of the potential issues, most which are easily explainable.

    I believe this is truly an interesting day, the day the source material actually numerically rejects the idea of Super Saiyan being a 50x boost.