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How Strong Is Gogeta In The Manga?

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  • How Strong Is Gogeta In The Manga?

    I'm curious to see your answers.

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    What do you mean by that? Since Gogeta isn't in the manga. Do you mean if Goku and Vegeta had used dance fusion instead of potara?


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      Originally posted by Greeny View Post
      Do you mean if Goku and Vegeta had used dance fusion instead of potara?


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        Bump. But Gogeta would likely be around Vegito's level of power, if he is weaker, its literally not by much. Even if you discount Gogeta's statement about rivaling Vegito in the Super: Broly movie, Kid Buu was too strong for Super Saiyan 3 Goku and was so powerful he couldn't have repelled Kid Buu's Planet Burst attack, and Elder Kaioshin hoped they'd use the Dance to fight him since they denied the Potara.


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          On par with Gohan-Boo at best, considering Boo's statements and Goku's willingness to fuse with Gohan (using the Metamoran version) against Gotenks-Boo. Given a fusion's capacity to utilize techniques and transformations even if only one party possesses it, Gogeta would be able to use Super Saiyan 3. Keep in mind I do not consider secondary sources like V-Jump because of their propensity to contradict themselves and their lack of contribution by Akira Toriyama (which is why I do consider the SEG and Daizenshuu).