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Who killed Frieza and King Cold in Cell's timeline?

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  • Who killed Frieza and King Cold in Cell's timeline?

    It is a bit confusing to me what happened in Cell's timeline. When Cell recalls how he obtained his cells, it is stated that he got King Cold and Frieza's cells from Trunks slaying them. This would imply that a trunks from the future traveled back in this timeline, gave Goku his medication and so forth. So logically the events should play out as they did up to the android arc at least with 17,18 being as strong as the main timeline with 19,20 and 16 being created.

    Yet, the androids are still homicidal maniacs in this timeline despite being peaceful in the main timeline. Cell, comments that Vegeta is much stronger in this timeline (after escaping Piccolo), Cell is surprised that Goku is still alive at this time and he does not know who android 16. Basically Cell's timeline matches that of Trunk's future with the only different being that he defeats the andriod via a remote he got from the past and is killed by Cell.

    So can someone possibly explain this mess because it is confusing?
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    I think Trunks going into the past messed up the timelines a lot. That's just the feeling I get.


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      Moved this to the Dragonball Z section, doesn't belong in Deep Discussion.

      As for topic, Goku killed Freeza and Cold. He was just running a bit later than usual in his own timeline.


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        Wouldn't he have used Instant Transmission had he not sensed SSJ Trunks' Ki?


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          It was Patrick.


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            If I remember correctly. Cell went back in time before Trunks arrived, so Trunks killed them in that timeline too. However without Trunks or Cell arriving, so Trunks's original timeline and Cell's original timeline, Goku would have been the one who killed both King Cold and Frieza. It is confusing and takes sometime to wrap your head around.