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Power of Dabra

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  • Power of Dabra

    How powerful do you consider Dabra to be?

    My outline:
    • He was compared to (Perfect) Cell.
    • He fought Son Gohan, who was at least Super Saiya-Jin. By the end of their bout, Dabra seemed fresh, and Son Gohan was exhausted, even convinced to use a Senzu before proceeding.
      • While Dabra seemed to be pushed back a lot during the fight, he did not seem nearly as tired (if at all) as Son; the former only seemed frustrated that his attacks were not dealing as much damage as anticipated.
      • Meanwhile, Son Gohan fought aggressively, but seemed to deal little-to-no damage. He even seemed more out of the battle than Dabra despite seeming to set the fighting pace.
    • Dabra was able to grab Babidi and dodge Son's desperate attempt to stop Boo from hatching.
      • Would you agree that Son Gohan's Kamehameha was his most impressive feat since the arc started? Kaioshin seems to have greater confidence in Son's ability during the spaceship bouts than the latter's ability during Budokai.
        • My thoughts: if there are any instances of Son Gohan using Super Saiya-Jin 2 during the spaceship bouts, then he using Kamehameha on Boo's egg would have to be one of said instances. I often see the term "retcon" used; add the trademark sparks around Son Gohan's outburst and all problems are solved concerning a particular debate.
    • Boo hatches; both Son and Dabra seem to notice Boo before Kaioshin and Babidi.
      • Son is floored by Boo's power and deduces that he'd need max strength to fight him.
        • The reference point for Son's max strength is Cell Games; thus Boo's power at hatching is similar to Perfect Cell (Zenkai), or at least not much less.
      • Dabra challenges Boo (despite Son Gohan's reaction); so, I'd imagine Dabra's power would be at least similar to Boo's if not higher.
        • I'm assuming Dabra is able to sense and gauge power proficiently; I recall that being a point of contention in the past.
        • Also, note that Dabra's reference to Boo's power would be that Boo killed most of the Kaioshin and would likely be unimpressed with any power considerably less. Not certain how important this is.
    With that said, have at it.

  • #2
    Good points.
    I would say that Dabra would be at an almost Perfect Cell power level (who was much stronger than FP SSJ Goku during the Cell games).
    Gohan is surely weaker than FP SSJ Goku at the Cell games but we don't know if Dabra fought at his maximum strength against him. If he did, he's a tad weaker than Perfect Cell and I'd say even Freezer, if he still had strength in reserve then Goku's estimation of putting him at Perfect Cell levels of power was correct (which would be my guess).

    Super Perfect Cell was SSJ2 levels of power, at a level comparable to SSJ2 Gohan in the Cell games and much stronger than Dabra ever was.

    Finally, another thing is that Dabra is not really Dabra but MAJIN Dabra. And considering that the eviler you are the stronger you become after being controlled by Babidi's magic, I'd assume that regular Dabra would be much weaker (at semi-cell/50% Freezer levels of power).