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  • Guide books

    I need guidebook statements that contradict what was said or shown in the manga and anime.

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    Why do you need that?


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      Having a debate with someone about guide books, and they use the guides instead of source to argue. While the guides they use have said both gogeta and vegito are the strongest(only one I can remember). I'm just looking for other times they have contradicted themselves or the source material.

      I'm just looking to show them that the guides are not something to put a whole lot of faith into, as they are not always correct when they mention something. And if you are going to argue it's best to use the source material itself over the guides.

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    Everything related to the power levels is wrong in those guides when you look a bit into it.
    Raditz 1500 would make the whole fight impossible.
    Nappa 4000 is also impossible, since he managed to match Goku at 8000+ units.

    Another part of the guides that's very bad is the Cell saga timelines. I think I have a thread here explaining why the explanation on the Cell saga timelines of those guides is absolutely impossible, completely made up and incoherent with the manga.

    Link to the thread in question:

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      The only guidebook numbers that I like are the ones listed for the late Freeza Arc. Nothing contradicts them because everything after the Ginyu Saga was guess work.