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Why didnt dr gero try to wish his son back with the dragon balls?

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  • Why didnt dr gero try to wish his son back with the dragon balls?

    I mean, he modeled 16 after his own son and didnt want to send him into battle in fear of being destroyed, so we know dr gero really cared about his son, so why not wish him back? Was he afriad he wouldnt be fast enough and the z fighters would come after him?, or was he just so consumed by revenge he didnt even stop to think about it?

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    Did he even know about the dragon balls?


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      Originally posted by Emmeth View Post
      Did he even know about the dragon balls?
      Well yeah, i mean you have to remember he was watching goku since he destroyed the red ribbon army, so he saw the fight with raditz, so even if you want to say he didnt know during the events of dragon ball, he definitely would have heard about them when piccolo told raditz about them, and even if he thought that a lie, he would be proven weong when goku appeared a year later alive


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        Perhaps he became so engrossed in his ambitions and research that he initially neglected to seek out the Dragon Balls? It doesn't quite match up with the affections that Toriyama has lead us to believe that Gero had for him. One other theory to help explain not taking advantage of this solution to his son's state might have involved Gero already intending to render himself into a cyborg sometime before he would have had the opportunity to acquire and use the Dragon Balls. Goku assuming possession of the 4 star ball for three years before it was seized by King Piccolo and then subsequently rendered inert up until Kami reactivated it and the others wouldn't have helped things neither. When you think about it, the amount of time that would have elapsed between the RRA's destruction at the hands of Goku and all of the Dragon Balls being distributed throughout the world without anyone preemptively taking one would have spanned over multiple years, 4 in total I think. I can't imagine Gero's son not being reincarnated during that time span, if not before the RRA's destruction, despite what his mechanical counterpart's temperament was like - he was described as a high ranking soldier in the RRA. I don't think you get to that kind of position in the RRA without having an aggressive streak.

        As mentioned before, we know Gero at some point decided to transform himself into a cyborg for the benefit of eternal life. Maybe the incentive for creating an artificial replica had to do with not wanting his son to die of natural causes and live forever with him.


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          Gero certainly knew about the Dragon Balls but... didn't the person need to die within the last year to qualify for resurrection? I don't quite remember tbh lol. If not, who knows why Gero didn't gather them to revive his son. Maybe he thought he'd be stopped since it'd obviously be assumed he was doing it for malicious means if Bulma and Co. noticed them being gathered. It's hard to say, really.
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