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Why does everyone misinterpret Gohan in the Cell Games?

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  • Why does everyone misinterpret Gohan in the Cell Games?

    People seem to think that Gohan tells Cell he doesn't like fighting or killing for either:

    A. He's too scared to let himself go, even though this is never even implied.
    B. He's suddenly become so much of a pacifist that he doesn't want to participate in violence despite kicking Cell in the face.
    C. He has trouble coming to terms with having to kill someone despite killing a Freeza soldier on Namek.

    When none of these are what's really going on. Piccolo flat-out explains the situation to Goku - that Goku's plan of having Gohan get angry while fighting Cell won't work because Gohan doesn't get fired up by fighting like Goku or Vegeta do. Notice how it isn't until Gohan realizes his father's plan that he tells Cell that he isn't looking to fight or kill. He knows the fatal flaw with Goku's expectations, that being that Gohan isn't like him. He doesn't have a strong desire to fight Cell, nor is he itching to see him dead. He doesn't get mad just because he gets beat up. Goku's plan will not work like he thinks it will.

    Unfortunately, this seems to have gone over the heads of every single Dragon Ball fan. Doesn't matter whether you watch the dub, the sub, or read the manga. People always default to the same three responses I listed, and I'm not really sure why. Is it that people just simply don't remember how things actually play out too well? IS it just easier to write it off as a sudden burst of pacifism and call it a day? What exactly is the issue?

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    He got triggered though when cell crushed 16 s head


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      I could understand people believing that Gohan's rage might have eventually kicked in as a fight or flight mechanism. On at least two separate occasions during the Saiyan arc it does. An admitted difference between then and the Cell arc, however, is that Gohan was much older in the latter situation with a better developed mindset and grasp of who he was as a person. It might be why he neglected to subconsciously tap into that power when Cell was bludgeoning him and was on the brink of snapping his bones in a bear hug manoeuvre.

      While Gohan doesn't enjoy the absolute exhilaration of continually pushing himself to new heights like his predecessors do, I don't think he's above finding some satisfaction in recreational fighting or even utilising it as a tool for helping people. With respect to Cell, Gohan was likely still under the impression that his father might be able to defy the odds yet again as he did against Freeza previously and defeat Cell on his own. Plus, I imagine there was likely a certain amount of anxiety with being entrusted with the fate of the world by his father. In the Saiyan arc his power was hailed for being a potentially necessary asset against the invaders but it wasn't regarded as the one and only hope everyone had for surviving. Again, I think that's another key difference between the previous arc and Cell.


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        I honestly think Gohan had an elitist attitude towards Cell when they fought, like he thought himself better because he was a good person. Whether or not this is mixed well with his overall personality is questionable, but we do know how craven he used to be in the beginning of the series and this seems like an off-shoot of that. I don't think Akira Toriyama could make up his mind about Gohan.


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          I don't think he could either because Gohan's attitude towards fighting and training was inconsistent. It's like he wanted to make Gohan a badass, but he didn't want to make him a Goku clone, but he couldn't seem to figure out how to properly implement those ideas/intentions. Now people here who know me for the longest time I was on the anti-Chi-Chi bandwagon, so much that you'd think I was the one who started it. However, over quite a bit of time, I've learned to look at things from a different perspective. Now I understand she was written that way, Goku didn't work or make money and all he wanted to is train and fight, so I understand why she wanted Gohan to make something of himself so at least he could be normally integrated into society. At the same time. I do think Toriyama could've had it both ways, just by not having Chi-Chi as overbearing as she was, by still being strict about his studying but raising him with a healthy balance of studying and training. That way he's still very smart, but he's also always ready to answer the call to defend Earth if need be, and since this is Dragon Ball it's all the time lol.

          As for the topic at hand, I do think people want him to be a Goku clone while not compromising his already established character, and that just can't happen without taking him out of character.


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            Gohan never liked fighting as he always fought to protect those he cared about or in self defense.


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