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Looking to buy some DVD and Blu-ray sets of DBZ, but having trouble finding what exactly I'm looking for.

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  • Looking to buy some DVD and Blu-ray sets of DBZ, but having trouble finding what exactly I'm looking for.

    Hello all, I'm new here. I would like some help with Dragon Ball Z DVD/Blu-rays. I'm interested in reexperiencing the series, but I only want to watch an English dubbed version that has all the same character and attack names from the original TV broadcast of the English dub. I want "Hercule", "Tien", "Krillin", "Special Beam Cannon", "Destructo Disc", "Tri-Beam", and any other changed names from the original Funimation dub I saw on TV as a kid. (And if possible, I would also like to watch it with the original music from the English dub as well, composed by Bruce Faulconer, as well as the "Rock the Dragon" opening song.) I haven't been keeping up with modern Dragon Ball media AT ALL (haven't watched any DB anime since Kai aired on Nicktoons, haven't played any games since Xenoverse 1), so I don't know if those classic dub names are still used in English translated Dragon Ball anime/games/etc to this day, or if they have been abandoned and replaced with the original Japanese names in newer things that have come out in recent years.

    Whether it's the original DBZ or the "Kai" version doesn't matter, as long as I can watch it with the names I remember. I don't want to spend a pretty penny on a complete set of the series, and then watch it only to find that Hercule is called "Mr. Satan" in the version I bought or that Piccolo says that weird unpronouncable name when he uses Special Beam Cannon. I don't mind a "censored" version (And in fact would even prefer it. I don't need blood and swearing to enjoy something, and would actually enjoy it more without any blood or swearing.), as long as I can have the names I grew up with watching the show on TV and playing DBZ video games. (And in fact, if I could flat-out have the ORIGINAL made-for-TV dub of the series exactly as I remember seeing it as a kid, censorship and all, that would actually be perfect.)

    I should point out that I have already searched for DBZ DVDs and Blu-rays, but I don't know if any of the ones I found have what I want or not, which is why I came here and made this thread.

    To outline it simply, what I want is:
    • -REQUIRED- All of the character and attack names the same as in the original Funimation dub of DBZ (Hercule, Tien, Krillin, Special Beam Cannon, Destructo Disc, Tri-Beam, etc).
    • -Would like to have- Bruce Faulconer music, and the "Rock the Dragon" opening song.
    • -Would be nice but is ultimately not that necessary- No blood, swearing, or "brutal" violence (Cell absorbing people, for example), or at least a minimal amount of those things.

    If it is not too much trouble, I would greatly appreciate if somebody here could help me find a DVD or Blu-ray set that has what I want. (And to clarify, I am looking for the series itself, as well as the movies and "specials" like History of Trunks.) Thank you!

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    You may as well just watch a completely different series, because what you're describing isn't Dragon Ball Z.


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      You're never gonna get all requirements in one, especially the last requirement (which you have described as not too important).

      I think the closest you can get is this box set right here: