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Is Gohan's character wasted in the series?

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  • Is Gohan's character wasted in the series?

    When Gohan first appeared in the manga, he was a kid who felt like he had a lot of potential as a fighter, character and as Goku's successor in the future. It just seems like after the Majin Buu saga, Toriyama just didn't know what to do with Gohan and just made him fodder like the rest of the cast. I do enjoy Gohan as a scholar but considering the kind of series that Dragon Ball is, Gohan being a scholar isn't utilized well and it is not going to help beat any major villains in the series. It just sort of bothers me, has Gohan's character been wasted in the post Majin Buu series?

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    Toriyama says that he wanted to go with Gohan being the main character at first, but later decided he wasn't fit for the role - and I somewhat agree, since as AT says Gohan seems to prefer studying to fighting. Tracksuit Gohan from the Fukkatsu no F saga was definitely a disservice to his character though.


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      I just wish Toriyama would do more with him though. I know Gohan is not a battle maniac and adventure like Goku but he could be utilized in other ways.