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Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F: What was written by Toriyama?

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  • Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F: What was written by Toriyama?

    Like the thread where I analysed the impact of Toriyama in BoG, in this one I'll analyse his impact on the Ressurrection F movie.

    Unlike with the previous film, the implication of Toriyama in this one is more obvious and we actually know which parts he wrote: the plot and dialogues involving Freezer, Goku and Vegeta were written by Toriyama, while everything involving the Z-warriros vs Freezer's henchmen was left entirely to Toei.

    The contrast in the quality of the writting is HUGE:

    In the Z-warriors vs Freezer's army fight, there's absolutely no respect for the PLs seen in the series. Nearly everyone gets ultra-nerfed, especially Piccolo being at the same level as "Zarbon and Dodoria" and needing Gohan's help to defeat Shisami and Krilin, that was nearly koed by simply crashing into a tree while running from Freezer's soldiers.

    On the other hand, one can feel Toriyama's hand over everything else:
    1. Freezer evolves as a character. It's not your typical "I was bad and now I'm good" evolution, but he clearly went from someone that thought was invincible to someone that despite having trained and achieved a form that should put him much above any SSJ (he of course didn't know about the God forms before confronting Goku) still thought for a plan B in case he lost the fight.

    2. The fight between Goku and Freezer was really well written. Again, having an actual Goku and not DBS anime retarded one is always a pleasure. Once Goku realises that Freezer's Golden Form drains his stamina like crazy (even more than the SSJB to Goku) he starts loosing time and fighting while runing from him and making him spend more and more KI until he has the advantage.
    As always, smart Goku is the best Goku.

    3. The dynamics between Freezer, Vegeta, Goku and Bills were also very entertaining.

    4. Thought this actually impacts the quality of the movie negatively, it was clearly written not as just a movie but as a part of a bigger story, and this is something Toei would've never had the balls to do.