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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods: Too good to be a Toei movie, what was the influence of Toriyama?

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  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods: Too good to be a Toei movie, what was the influence of Toriyama?

    The las movies of DB have been by far the best DB movies ever made, and that has been without a doubt thanks to the implication of Toriyama in their script and general plot.

    For battle of gods we know he modified the script and general plot even if he wasn't as implied in the movie as he would be in the following ones, so let's see if we can guess what was changed by him.

    1. The power scale: The first thing that called my atention is that the DBS movies actually use the power levels defined in the original manga, not the bullshit seen in the anime or any movie written by Toei.
    Base Goku not being a match for Freezer because the limits of the base state (which are again alluded in the black saga of the DBS manga) alone demonstrated that this was not your typical Toei movie.

    Another hint that this was no Toei movie was SSJ2 Vegeta surpassing SSJ3 Goku without actually going SSJ3.
    Toei would've never made something like this as canon. I mean, you can see SSJ2 Trunks performing much better against Black and Zamatsu than SSJBlue Goku, but that was just bad writting and not canon because just a chapter before we saw how Goku's SSJ3 was enough (in the anime at least) to surpass Trunks.
    Canonically the SSJB was still much stronger than the SSJ2, but the fight was written Toey-style so it was a complete fuck-up.

    In the manga, on the other hand, the SSJ forms were never fixed multipliers of the base state despite what Toei or the awful Toei-like guidess said and we already had a case of a "weaker" forms surpassing what were supposed to be more advanced forms of SSJ (see the FPSSJ, just a regular SSJ but more calmed thanks to being accostumed to the transformacion, surpassing Vegeta's half step towards the SSJ2).

    2. The plot developement: Every single 100% written by Toei DBZ movie can be sumarized in the following way: strong enemy appears, nobody can defeat him, last minute power up (usually a genkidama), enemy is killed, the end.

    Battle of gods completely changes this: Goku no longer wins (in fact, he never has a chance against Bills), the enemy isn't just a variation of a DBZ foe and has a design that Toei would've never had the balls to use for the main antagonist of a movie.

    The main antagonist being a God may had been Toei's idea, but anything else regarding Bills screams "Toriyama" to me.

    3. Son Goku isn't a complete retarded. He likes to fight, he acts childish in certain scenes, but he's still Goku (to the point that he was already there when the z-warriors were being plummeled by Bills but he remained hidden to think a strategy to win).

    And those I think are the main and most noticeable contributions of Toriyama in the DBZ:BoG movie. I don't know if there's an interview or something where he explains us what was his implication in the movie, but I'm pretty sure those crucial aspects had Toriyama behind them.