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Dragon Ball Statistics

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  • Dragon Ball Statistics

    If you were to list a character from Dragon Ball's stats, where would they be? I'll go first.


    Ki: Godlike level

    Destruction Capacity: Universe+ (Stronger than his Super Saiyan God self from Battle of Gods saga)

    Lifting Strength: At least 40 tons+ (stronger than his Buu saga self, 1,000 as a Super Saiyan going off the manga).

    Speed: Massively Faster Than Light+ combat and reaction wise, Relativistic+ travel speed. (Fast enough to keep up with Beerus in combat and faster than Buu saga Super Saiyan Gotenks (Pre) who flew around the earth at least 8 times in 30 minutes [Lowball])

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    I'm not really sure if Godlike would count as a statistic, atleast by a real world measuring standard. Ki in general probably can't be classified as a statistic, you more or less figure out ki level by what they're physically able to do I figure.


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      The "Paozusaurus"

      Ki: Some? Dunno, clearly none that he can use efficiently

      Destruction Capacity: It (He?She?) accidentally smashed itself into a huge rock formation and broke a good chunk of it.

      ...Though it got itself knocked out.

      Lifting Strength: Given that this thing is pretty T. Rex-like, it should probably be able to move things weighing a few tons (something even elephants can do). Here's a neat fact: The T. Rex's tiny arms were still beefy enough to curl 430 lbs, or 195 kg. And this guy's arms are even beefier.

      Speed: Weeeell... Probably fast enough to catch up to a human or other decently fast prey. Not Gohan, though.

      “If something can bite you, that's reason enough to fear it.”