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How did Piccolo get strong enough to fight Android 20?

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  • How did Piccolo get strong enough to fight Android 20?

    It just kind of bothers me, how did Piccolo become strong enough to defeat Android 20? I know he isn't a Super Saiyan like Vegeta, Trunks or Goku but he was still able to destroy 20 with surprising prior to him escaping to his lab. I know Piccolo is Piccolo but how did he get strong enough to fight 20?

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    Training with a Super Saiyan can be highly beneficial. It's what Piccolo did throughout the three year preparation period. Half of the active human fighters at the time turned the offer down due to one admitted reason or another. They might not have been able to reach Goku's level but who's to say they couldn't reach a power level somewhere in the tens of millions? Piccolo was probably 50x weaker than transformed Goku, if not more. But three years later and he's managed to close the gap immensely.


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      As Thiln said, training with a Super Saiyan would certainly help a lot. I've also heard people say it has to do with his fusion with Nail, it's as if he's training for two people. Which certainly helps it make more sense.


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        Never thought about Nail being part of the equation during that arc's improvement on his side.

        Kinda makes sense, tbh


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          Yeah, I'm basically in the same boat. It was a very potent combination of his merger with Nail both A) giving him a nice big jump start and B) also greatly increasing his underlying potential and capacity for growth. Take that total package and make it spend 3 years training with a friggin' Super Saiyan and the large power gains aren't all that surprising.


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            Your post is most likely the most plausible explanation of how Piccolo became strong enough to defeat 20 easily.


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              Yeah, his heightened potential from fusing with Nail and the benefit from training with Goku would be the best reasons. Out of Universe, I'm sure that the plot also played a reason for Piccolo's gains.


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                Since his condition as a SuperNamek was introduced and after the huge increase in power he had when fusing with Nail I don't think there's anything strange on that increase in power.
                The Sayans also got pretty strong during the Namek saga, and if their progress in the Cell saga stalled (mostly in the beggining of the androids saga) it's only because Toriyama decided to limit their base state and eliminated some of their most broken abilities (like the zenkay).

                Piccolo multiplying his strength by 3 in 3 years is not that strange in DB terms, his limit was just much higher than a Saiyan in his base state.