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What if Dragon Balls could only resurrect once

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  • What if Dragon Balls could only resurrect once

    I believe I've seen a topic similar to this on the old forum, but anyways. The idea is that the Dragon Balls are only allowed to bring someone back to life once. For this what if, it also includes the Namekian Balls or any other Dragon Balls. So if Krillin dies and is brought back with Earth's, Namek's can't bring him back if he dies.

    It would certainly change things radically for the series, but I don't think many actions would change throughout the series. Vegeta, Krillin, Chiaotzu, Tien (most likely), and many others would stay dead. Probably a few more than who I mentioned if you count Buu destroying the Earth and killing some of those who had already been brought back once. Goku is probably the only one that'd be able to die twice and still come back thanks to Old Kai.

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    In my opinion that would have made the show better. If the dragon balls could only resurrect once, this would make characters a lot more reluctant to sacrifice themselves. It could also change the personality of some of them: For example, Gohan would be incredibly moody and depressed that the closest thing to a friend he has [Krillin] died and there's no way to bring him back. Goku I can see being either depressed too or irrationally angry most of the time, having a self-guilt for being unable to save his best friend. If Goku becomes like this, I think he would be disliked, if not, outright hated by Piccolo and Vegeta: Piccolo thinking that he's a weak man who's unable to move on and will not want to do anything with him, and Vegeta hating him because Goku considers Krillin dying a bigger deal than his rivalry with Vegeta, adding insult to the injury.

    Also, plenty of other arcs would change. Each arc would end on a more bittersweet tone: Every time a bad guy strikes, a large portion of humanity is sacrificed. This would make the guys reluctant to let Super Buu rampage around the world to buy more time. I could go on but I see it changing a lot of things, if someone could only be revived once.