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Dragon Ball Discussion

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  • Dragon Ball Discussion

    Anything worthy of being Dragon Ball related you can post here. Please don't restrain yourself, just don't be rude or post anything against the rules!

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    Who were some of your favorite DBZ debaters throughout DBZ forum history? And who are some of the posters you miss the most?

    One of my favorite debaters was Cocoman, and one of the members I miss the most is Hurry My Curry.
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      My favorite debater was definitilety DrippyGoku lol this guy was funny as hell


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        I have a theory on the whole freeza getting beerus permission to blow up planet Vegeta. I think beerus told freeza he could since the sayains tried to do beerus dirty on the pillow. Since they disrespected the god of destruction he allowed freeza to eliminate them but since he was impressed with young prince Vegeta he made freeza keep him alive. I think this is what most likely was what toriyama was going for. I enjoy all opinions and discussion.