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Friezas race the most powerful mortals in the dbz universe?

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  • Friezas race the most powerful mortals in the dbz universe?

    I know Frieza was unusually powerful even among those of his own race, but even if the average member of his race was 1000 times weaker than Frieza (Max power) they'd still have a power level of 120,000, making them far, far more powerful on average than Saiyans or any other race I can think of.

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    Yeah, probably right. Of course that is if you don't count Cell.


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      Not sure if cell would count as a "mortal" pretty sure he is immortal, what with the extreme regeneration capabilities.

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    I always assumed his entire race was weak with the exception of him and his father. Is it possible they were still strong? Yeah. I could see King Cold destroying the planet long ago because a group of them might pose a threat.